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Climate Activists Worldwide Deflate Tyres of over 900 SUVs to Protest “Luxury Emission”

The activists targeted SUVs and 4 Wheel Drive vehicles across New York and Amsterdam

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Aditya Saikrishna
Aditya Saikrishna
I am 21 years old and an avid Motorsports enthusiast.

ITALY: Climate activists are deflating SUV tyres to make it impossible to “own a huge polluting 4×4” in urban cities.

A group fighting climate change called Tyre Extinguishers claims to have deflated nearly 900 SUVs and 4x4s worldwide.

The statement released by the group says that on November 28 and 29, the group deflated the tyres of over 900 polluting SUVs in eight countries.

In March, Tyre Extinguishers announced that it had started its campaign against 4x4s by attacking SUVs in 13 locations across the UK.

The group believes that off-roading automobiles are a “climate catastrophe.” They contribute more to pollution and are more of a threat to pedestrians than regular cars.

According to the group, cities do not require them, so they contribute to climate change because of their use for “vanity and conspicuous consumption.”

Marion Walker, the group’s spokesperson, said that governments and politicians had failed to protect the environment from the “massive, unnecessary vehicles” at the time of its first attack.

At the end of October, the organisation claimed to have deflated 10,000 SUV tyres since March.

Over 900 Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) tyres were deflated worldwide during the “largest ever night of action against SUVs,” organised by climate activists Tyre Extinguishers.

The United Kingdom had the most deflated SUV tyres (340), followed by Switzerland (172), Germany (124), France (112), Sweden (72), and the United States (52).

The group carried out its actions in Amsterdam and Enschede, Netherlands; Paris and Lyon, France; Berlin, Bonn, Essen, Hanover, and Saarbrucken, Germany; Bristol, Leeds, London, Dundee, and Malmo, Sweden; Innsbruck, Austria; Zurich, Winterthur, and New York, USA; and Malmo, Sweden.

The move comes at the same time as the protests by Just Stop Oil. Just Stop Oil protesters have been slow-walking around London’s downtown and climbing onto freeway gantries to prevent new oil and gas projects from moving forward.

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