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Corona Why Have You Come: A Music Video That Acts as a Wake-Up Call from Mother Earth

The music video's soothing lyrics and deep-rooted vocals to compliment the social message is brilliantly executed

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Khushant Runghe
Khushant Runghe
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INDIA: ‘Corona Why Have You Come’ is an alarming song about all the wrongdoings we commit, from the acquisition of superfluous luxury items to the intake of highly azoic foods, all of which result in a horrible atrocity on Mother Earth.

A farmer’s simple life is turned upside down within a nick of urban interpretation in their land. The setback of highly modernized urban life hinges on the border of parallel frames depicting their activities as an indirect horror imposed on the world by them.

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Soothing plus deep eloquent lyrics that blend brilliantly with excellent cinematography

Every music video relies heavily on soothing lyrics and deep-rooted vocals to compliment the tale or social message being communicated to the audience. Abhas Jain’s ‘Corona Why Have You Come’ brilliantly handles all of the points mentioned.

First and foremost, there is a narrative running concurrently with the music, which begins with a shot of a farmer and his family. The music video begins with a calming track that gives off a purely electric vibe, implying that something big is about to happen. The music takes a dramatic turn shortly after the entrance of the city dwellers in the village. 

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Anil Jain’s lyrics get combined with Abhas Jain’s voice, creating a wonderful blend that serves as a fantastic build-up for the music video as well as the message to be given.

The music tunes in with the drum beats, following the story as it proceeds. At that moment, pay attention to the line: “We thought we will go on enjoying and growing ourselves the way, we did before. Along with these wordings, the visual shots that run in tandem say a lot in a fraction of a second.”

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“When urban people enjoy luxury, the consequences of their actions, which were carried out for the sake of their happiness, become more dreary.”

All thanks to Dvs Sai Cherukuri’s video direction which ensures that all of the lyrics, vocals, and message are perfectly aligned to create a complete set of this music video. 

The music is so wonderfully produced that the way all of the lines are placed is incredible. Plus, the lovely sound not only relaxes the ears but also sticks in our heads as a jingle.

In a music video, the actor plays an important role in conveying an engaging story. All of the actors have done an outstanding job. Abhas Jain and Varsha Khatri are excellent in their respective roles. There is a scene in which the villager’s daughter consumes tainted water and becomes comatose at that moment Sakshi Dash’s performance is ideal for the setting. 


For the sake of materialistic pleasure, so-called modernized individuals indirectly exploit not only the mother earth but also have a significant impact on society’s impoverished and working classes. Materialistic pleasure is depicted in such a way that it functions as a trigger point for all of the current imbalances in the environment, which has a major impact on all of the living species resting in the heart of mother nature.

Such atrocities, or to put it another way, annihilator acts, degrade nature in every manner. So, in order to make up for all of the losses and restore the world’s equilibrium, mother earth unleashes a new deadly virus. To maintain natural equilibrium, these viruses irradiate the human population on a greater scale.


The social message is the most crucial facet of the video, and it is conveyed in the best possible way by incorporating with Earth Day theme. The excellent combination of cinematography and relaxing music helps to express the message in every way.

Watch the full video here:

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