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Coto City Ambassador Shikha Shukla Talks about Power of Goodwill and Kindness

Shikha Shukla believe that it is never too late to start pursuing our lifelong goals

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Hrishita Chatterjee
Hrishita Chatterjee
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INDIA: Coto City Ambassador and Influencer, Shikha Shukla, in an exclusive conversation with TCT, talked about her inspiring journey through life and the acts of kindness that have helped her get a sense of personal satisfaction as well.

Shikha Shukla narrates her life journey

One of the most important aspects of pursuing a goal in life is the countless struggles that come with it. During times like these, it is absolutely imperative to stand strong and face those challenges. Confidence and perseverance are important, but more so is the power of patience and goodwill.

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Shikha Shukla believes that it is never too late to embark upon doing things that we have always wanted to do, like build a career after marriage and have subsequent goals in life. One can definitely aspire for a lot of things with the support of one’s family, which has helped her embed her mark in society as a news anchor, teacher, model, and event organiser.

Shukla has secured a position as a runner-up in the beauty pageant Empress Universe Elegance and has received a lot of other accolades and titles too. She has also been invited as a guest of honour, chief guest, and juror to a myriad of events.

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For a long time now, Shukla has observed people struggling due to a dearth of money in instances where people are not able to avail organ transplantation. Shukla, through her acts of samaritan and goodwill, has decided to donate her organs after her demise.

In order to make people cognizant of it, Shukla decided to “spread awareness for it and also let the people take initiative in such social causes as organ donation, blood donation, serving the needy, feeding the animals, planting trees, etc.” As a result of this, she embraced her life as a social activist.

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Shukla believes that organisation and advance planning are the key elements to ensuring a successful professional and personal life balance. This is how she figured out ways to strike a balance between her family and work.

She stated, “I start my work days by looking at my schedule and creating a list of prioritised tasks to complete during the day. When you enjoy what you do, it doesn’t feel like a chore, and I really enjoy my work.”

She further added that she always ensures that when she is back home, she is able to provide her family with attention and love. She said, “I relish being busy and managing multiple tasks together.”

Shukla believes that life is not easy to tread, and without the multiple challenges strewn along the way that add to the “spice” in life, acquiring any form of success is not that enjoyable. She gives an example from her life when, during her anchoring career, she had to handle varied activities like managing breaking news, interviews, and programming, but she always won these testing times through her confidence and hope.

She reaffirmed, “One needs to be alert and focused while multitasking, and during live shows, you need to overcome your hustle and bustle and show your calm and composed state of mind.” She added that in tense times like these, everyone should be focused on achieving their goals.

She said that according to her life experience, everyone is talented and all they need is “a little push”. She also added, “I will try to continue appreciating and motivating others. New and creative ideas to improve something or make something new always inspire me. In the end, I would say that without family’s cooperation and support, you are incomplete.”

In her advice to the readers, she said that “during dire times, no one should lose hope because grave situations happen for a short span in life, situations change with time, and even sadness and happiness are temporary.” She asked the readers to be kind, generous, and welcoming to everyone, as this has the power to make big changes. It is imperative to be kinder to people, as this small gesture will make life more fulfilling.

She said, “We sow and only we reap. So pick up the plough and sow the seeds of love, affection, care, respect, hope, and success.” She added that no one should be given the power to disrespect anyone.

“It is always a good idea to try new things in life and to learn from everything around us. It’s an important part of our growth and development to always challenge ourselves in new ways,” she concluded.

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