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Model Magda Karapetyan Talks about Women Empowerment and the Key to Financial Independence

Magda Karapetyan, in an exclusive conversation with TCT, talked about her journey and experiences, passion, and profession

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Hrishita Chatterjee
Hrishita Chatterjee
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SWEDEN: There are instances in life when you meet or read about important personalities who inspire you to master all walks of life and fight all challenges that come your way. Event host and model, Magda Karapetyan, in an exclusive conversation with TCT, talked about her journey and experiences, passion, and profession, which inspires a lot of people. 

Magda Karapetyan is an independent businesswoman, mother of two boys, Instagram influencer, host, and travel journalist who is proud of the choices that she made in life. She believes that her choices made her the woman she is today. Talking about her career trajectory, she mentioned that she embarked upon the prospect of the network marketing industry, which changed her life. 

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She said that the 9-20 hour job that she had taken in 2013 when she moved from Armenia to Sweden, did not motivate her at all. She quit her job after she got ruthlessly overwhelmed in that job that did not even permit her to be around her kids. She said, “One day I found strength in myself and quit my job. I started doing network marketing and worked towards becoming who Magie is today.” 

Karapetyan stated that throughout her life, her greatest motivation was her children. Being a single parent raising both her kids and wishing the best for them. She had been an ardent teacher to her kids, and she helped give them confidence and knowledge, as she said, “I’m teaching them everything from my own experience, and I need time to do that, which I couldn’t find while working as a hairdresser.” 

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People around Karapetyan inspire her a lot. Her motif in life is to assist a lot of people and help them fulfil their dreams. She provides boundless strength to women to inspire them to work towards their goals. 

Karapetyan has invariably strived to influence women to be financially independent in life by aiding companies internationally to receive more clients as network marketers and coaches. She said, “I love people, and people love me”. 

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Karapetyan, on being asked about how she manages her personal and professional lives, said that the key is to strike a balance between time and money. She gives an example from her life when her son was very sick and her boss did not allow her to get back home to cater to her sick child. She subsequently blamed herself for catering to work more than her sick child. 

She asked herself in these crucial and vulnerable times, “Why do I need money if I can’t be with my child? Just to pay my bills? Then I decided to be in harmony with myself, to be my own boss, to be the one who decided to be at home or travel the world whenever I wanted.” She added that, at present, she is truly enjoying her passion and profession and is leading a life devoid of financial worries. 

She motivates all readers by telling them that the key to success is never giving up. Karapetyan has been “changing bad days to good days,” being an avid dreamer. Her goals turn into reality, and the key to that is “manifestation, which is very powerful.” 

She said that time is an underrated virtue, and she can attain whatever she wants by being patient for the outcome. She stated, ” Difficult things in my life made me the strongest person I am today. I’ll never give up, and that’s the most important thing I advise people. I’m working with over 25.000 people around the world to help them dream, believe, and achieve success.” 

Addressing the readers, she said that consistency is very important and that one must give 100% to everything. Being passionate about things we love doing is requisite to attaining a happy, fulfilling life. She asked all the readers to be “focused and disciplined” in life. 

Karapetyan said, “You are the only one in your life who can make decisions to make a positive difference in your life, hence, no one knows better than you what you want in this life.” 

Finally, she added, “You own your body, mind and everything that belongs to you. Your life depends on the choices and decisions that you make, so choose wisely. I love my life and so should you.” 

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