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More Storms Might Strike Following Mississippi Tornado in US

The tornado that occurred on Friday was Mississippi’s deadliest in more than a decade

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Hrishita Chatterjee
Hrishita Chatterjee
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UNITED STATES: Governor Tate Reeves has warned that many deadly storms could strike the US state of Mississippi after the tornadoes that wreaked havoc, killing 26 people. 

On Friday night, thousands of people were moved to another place in the wake of a dangerous tornado that entered through Mississippi and Alabama. 

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President Joe Biden has declared this a state of emergency and provided federal resources to assist with the rescue. 

The mayor of one of the worst-stricken towns mentioned that he lost personal friends to the disaster. The tornado that occurred on Friday was Mississippi’s deadliest in more than a decade, with 25 people losing their lives, and one person died in Alabama. 

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Properties have been affected too, with the disaster uprooting trees, overturning trucks, and bringing down power lines. Cleanup operations have been initiated by volunteers from Arkansas, Louisiana, and Tennessee. 

Governor Reeves, at a news conference in the western town of Rolling Fork, said, “When you stand here and see this, what feels like a beautiful weather day in Mississippi, please be aware and please know: if you are south of I-55 in Mississippi today, there are significant risks.” “We are prepared.” 

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“In times of tragedy, in times of crisis, they stand up and they show up, and they’re here to help themselves and their neighbours,” he added. 

In a news conference on Sunday, Mayor Eldridge Walker stated that the town would gather strength. Contemplating the tragedy, the mayor said, “I’m also the local funeral director; now I’m having to meet those who have lost loved ones and help them make it through.”

Alejandro Mayorkas, on his visit to the Rolling Fork, mentioned that we would build sturdier buildings, adding, “It is inspiring to see the people of Mississippi come together and the people of this country come together to assist those in dire need.” 

Some of the reasons for the cyclone triggers are increased sea surface temperatures that warm the air above and create the energy that makes up hurricanes and typhoons, with the increase in rainfall augmenting the intensity of the disasters.

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