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State-Wide Crackdown against WPD Head Amritpal Singh, Internet Suspended in Punjab

Punjab internet services are suspended from March 18 (12hr) to March 19 (12hr)

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Hrishita Chatterjee
Hrishita Chatterjee
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INDIA: In light of a major crackdown against ‘Waris Punjab De’ (WPD) head Amritpal Singh, the Punjab police arrested 78 persons on Saturday for disrupting peace, as per state’s police.

Videos of the ‘Waris Punjab De’ chief were shared by his supporters chasing him to his procession in the district of Moga and the Jalandhar, Shahkot vehicle speeding.

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The internet services are suspended from March 18 (12hr) to March 19 (12hr) for public safety and prevention of fake news circulation, as confirmed by the state home secretary, Anurag Verma.

An order was issued by the Punjab chief secretary as per the request of the Punjab DGP, who mentioned that “certain sections” threatened public order. The sections used social media platforms to give out inflammatory messages.

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Khalistan sympathizer, Amritpal Singh, was traveling to Bhatinda as the police endeavored to intercept him close to Mehatpur village in close proximity to Jalandhar.

By the time Amritpal Singh arrived in Mehatpur, his supporters had already disseminated the information and made calls to the region. Amritpal Singh was being pursued by police around noon in the Shahkot neighborhood of Jalandhar.

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Earlier, the number of supporters detained is reported to be six from Mehatpur. Now 78 associates of WPD head are arrested so far.

In February 2023, Amritpal Singh’s associate was arrested by police in case of rioting. His supporters assaulted the Ajnala Police Station, smashing over police barriers. He has clashed with the police and protested, demanding the release of one of his associates.

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