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DC Animated Films Injustice: Gods Among Us Gets Its First Look And Cast

Although a release date has not been set, the film is slated to release around the end of this year.

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Khushant Runghe
Khushant Runghe
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India: Based on Tom Taylor’s comic book Injustice: Gods Among Us, this DC (Detective Comics) film has generated a lot of buzz since its first look. This American comic book series also acts as a prequel to the fighting video game Injustice: Gods Among Us.

Since the DC studio hasn’t revealed any story details, it’s up to the source material. The comic book plot is set on a parallel Earth where the Joker has deceived Superman into killing Lois Lane, driving him on a rampage. The Justice League is divided between those who put their trust in Superman forming the one Earth regime, while the other half of the League under the lead of Batman forms a rebellious insurgent to oppose the regime. This deranged Superman decides to seize control of Earth, prompting Batman and his allies to try to stop him.

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The plot of the film is likely to be inspired by a comic book, as the studio is known for producing new storylines from the original source. It can be seen in a variety of DC animated films, including Batman Long Halloween and Batman vs. Robin, which differ significantly from its source material.

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The DC film voice cast includes celebrities like Justin Hartley as Superman, Anson Mount as Batman, Laura Bailey as Lois Lane, and Rama Kushna. Damian and Jimmy Olsen are voiced by Zach Callison, Green Lantern is voiced by Brian T. Delaney, and Cyborg is voiced by Brandon Michael Hall. Mr. Terrific and Killer Croc are voiced by Edwin Hodge, and Plastic Man is voiced by Oliver Hudson. Harley Quinn is voiced by Gillian Jacobs, Mirror Master, Flash, and Shazam are voiced by Yuri Lowenthal.

Nightwing and Aquaman are voiced by Derek Phillips. Jonathan Kent and the Joker are voiced by Kevin Pollak. Catwoman is voiced by Anika Noni Rose, Green Arrow, and Victor Zsasz is voiced by Reid Scott. Ra’s al Ghul is voiced by Faran Tahir, Captain Atom is voiced by Fred Tatasciore, Wonder Woman is voiced by Janet Varney.

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Matt Peters, best known for directing the famous DC animated film Justice League Dark, is in charge of the direction. The film’s narrative is being written by Ernie Altbacker popularly known for Batman: Hush.


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