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Deadly Tornadoes Hits US: 4 Dead Including 1 at Concert in Illinois

Storm Prediction Center issued a warning regarding deadly tornadoes

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UNITED STATES: At 19:55 local time (01:05 BST), the roof of the Apollo Theater in Belvidere collapsed as deadly tornado hits US, according to the local fire service. About 260 people were inside the theatre at the time. Five people were reportedly in critical condition, according to fire chief Shawn Schadle.

Arkansas and Missouri declares state of emergency as tornadoes hits US

Four people have died as a result of the tornadoes that ravaged US states on Friday, with Arkansas and Missouri declaring states of emergency and power lost to tens of thousands of people.

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The state capital of Arkansas, Little Rock, was devastated by a powerful tornado, with at least 24 people injured and one person killed. In the hamlet of Wynne, two fatalities have been reported.

Tornadoes were reported in six states on Friday night. Passengers were advised to seek shelter due to “extreme weather” at Chicago O’Hare International Airport.

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The Covington Mayor of Tennessee’s Covington, Tennessee, warned people not to drive due to damaged electricity wires, and the Covington Police Department shared pictures of roadways blocked by downed power poles and trees.

The National Guard was sent in to help with the devastation in central Arkansas, where more than 70,000 people were without power as of 20:30 local time.

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The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Medical Center in Little Rock reported that 15-20 patients are in serious condition, and Baptist Health Medical Center reported that 26 people were killed in a rare, long-track tornado. The state was visited by President Joe Biden on Friday to offer condolences and pledge government assistance.

The Storm Prediction Center issued a warning that some anticipated tornadoes could travel across significant distances on the ground, and the tornado that hit Mississippi last week lasted for almost an hour and ten minutes, causing damage to nearly 2,000 dwellings.

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