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Delhi Horror: A Man Brutally Chopped His Live-in Partner into 35 Pieces

Aftab Ameen Poonawalla lost his temper and killed his live-in partner Shraddha Walker by choking her neck

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INDIA: In a spine-chilling incident, a Delhi Man brutally chopped his live-in partner into 35 pieces and dumped them across the city near the Mehrauli forest area of NCR.

According to reports, the accused has been identified as Aftab Ameen Poonawalla, who murdered his live-in partner Shraddha Walker. However, the police caught him red-handed and sent him behind bars.

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During the investigation, the alleged beau revealed that Shraddha had been pressuring him to get married; the same verbal brawling had been happening for a long time.

Following such arguments, on May 18, Poonawalla lost his temper and killed his partner by choking her neck. As per Aftab, Shraddha was shouting, and to put her into silence, he aggressively put his hand on her mouth, which resulted in her death. 

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Aftab wanted to conceal his crime, so he chopped off her body and brought a new fridge to store the body parts. The fridge helped him to preserve the body. The murderer used to dispose of the parts for 18 days in different parts across the city. He used to go out around 2:00 am and kept doing it until he got caught. 

Aftab and Shraddha got together via a dating app; then, they started to work in the same call center in Mumbai. They came into a relationship and moved together into a flat; however, the girl’s family wasn’t happy with their decision.

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Shraddha used to upload her photo to Facebook to update her family, and when she stopped doing that, her family suspected and informed the police. The girl’s father came to find her in the same place but found it locked, following which he complained. It took five months for the police to catch Aftab. 

Ankit Chauhan, Addl DCP-I, South District, Delhi, said, “A man and a woman had arrived here from Mumbai. The woman’s father in Mumbai discovered she was missing a few days after they arrived. He filed a missing complaint to Mumbai Police. Her last known location was Delhi.” 

“They quarrelled frequently, and it used to get out of hand. In this case, the boyfriend lost his cool and killed her in May of this year. He informed us he hacked her up and disposed of her parts in adjacent regions. He’s been arrested, and an investigation is underway,” he continued.

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