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Delhi Sultanpuri ‘Hit and run’ Case: Woman’s Naked Body Dragged for 7 kms

Meanwhile, Delhi Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena called it a 'monstrous insensitivity'

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INDIA: A 20-year-old woman’s gruesome accident shocked everyone and brought Delhi into mourning. On the night of New Year, a person witnessed the death of a young woman whose scooty was allegedly hit by a car and dragged brutally for a few kilometres. The eyewitness is identified as Deepak Dahiya, who runs a confectionery shop on Kanjhawala Road in Ladpur village. 

According to Dahiya, he saw a grey Maruti Suzuki Baleno Dragging the body of a girl who got entangled in their vehicle. He said, “It was 3:20 am…I was standing outside the shop when I heard a loud noise from a vehicle about 100 meters away. Earlier I thought it was a tire burst. As soon as the car moved, I saw a body being dragged. I informed the police immediately.” The victim is recognised as a resident of Aman Vihar, named Anjali, a beautician providing services at wedding functions and others.

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Meanwhile, Delhi Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena called it a ‘monstrous insensitivity’. He took to his social media handle and expressed his reaction to this highest level of inhumanity, “My head hangs in shame over the inhuman crime in Kanjhawla-Sultanpuri today morning, and I am shocked at the monstrous insensitivity of the perpetrators. Have been monitoring with @CPDelhi, and the accused have been apprehended. All aspects are being thoroughly looked into.” 

The Lieutenant further extended his support to the family of the demised and wrote, “Even as every possible support/help and beyond, to the victim’s family will be ensured, I appeal to all to not resort to opportunistic scavenging. Let’s work together towards a more responsible and sensitive society.”

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As per detailed information, the alleged woman’s body was found without clothes. As dragged on a broad scale, the limbs were broken, prompting suspicion that she had been sexually assaulted and murdered. 

However, according to the police, the woman’s leg got trapped in one of the car’s wheels when it hit her scooty, resulting in such horrific damage to her body the back side of her body also got ripped off. 

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The special commissioner of police Deependra Pathak said, “The body was taken to Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital in Mangolpuri, where it has been preserved at the mortuary.” The body has been recovered near Jyoti village on Kanjhawala Road. 

Reportedly, five men were involved in foul play; they were under the influence of alcohol and were arrested for the crime. The eyewitness told the police that he tried stopping them by chasing the car, but the windows were closed, and a high base music was playing inside the car.

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