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Delhi Horror: Victim’s Friend Reveals Unknown Precision of the Accident Night

According to the surviving friend, she got some minor injuries besides that she suffered a fracture in her elbow

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INDIA: The murderous rampage of a 20-years old woman in Delhi came as a shock to the country. A young beautician went out partying with her friend and met with an unfortunate accident which led her to a horrific death. 

The incident took place in Kanjhawala-Sultanpuri, Delhi. The victim, identified as Anjali, was accompanied by her friend Nidhi when the entire incident took place; however, her boon companion survived the accident and left her on the edge of death. 

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Nidhi was tight-lipped until the police started investigating the whole matter and came in search of her. As per reports, CCTV footage came as proof that the victim was not alone that night and was partying with a friend. 

The whole Delhi incident took place on the night of New Year when two friends went for a late night partying, and one among them became a victim of a mishap. Meanwhile, the eyewitness of the incident, Nidhi gave her statement, “She was shouting. Her shouts could be heard by the men in the car, but they continued driving. They intentionally caused the accident.”

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As per Nidhi, her demised friend was heavily drunk and was partially conscious when they came out of the hotel in Delhi. She was going through a rough patch in her personal life and was in a melancholic mood. 

Before the major car accident, the duo escaped a narrow truck collision. However, Nidhi managed to control the situation. Anjali was very angry and was overloaded with emotions. Thus, her friend requested her to leave the command upon driving, but she continued resisting. 

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The victim even threatened her friend with jumping off the scooty. But Nidhi forcibly took charge of riding the scooter, and within a range of a few kilometres, a Baleno car came straight to them and banged in front. 

According to the surviving friend, she got some minor injuries besides that she suffered a fracture in her elbow. Recalling the incident, she went on, saying, “I started to lose all hope. I was simply thinking about returning home. I figured the men in the vehicle would ultimately pull over and assist her. They did not even attempt. They continued to advance while dragging her body.”

As per the eyewitness statement, the driver, along with his mates, was aware of the whole incident and also tried detaching her body from the car but didn’t come out. There was no loud music inside the car as well. 

However, Nidhi was asked why she didn’t inform the police about the incident. She said, “was not in my senses to tell the police. I was worried that I might be held accountable. I told the police everything when they came over.”

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