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The Digital Mindset is Just a Growth Mindset Applied to the Digital World, Says Laurence Smith

Laurence draws a link between entrepreneurial growth and digital mindsets, pointing out several parallels between the two

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Khushant Runghe
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INDONESIA: The latest episode of Transcontinental Times’ show, Smart Entrepreneurship Decoded featured Laurence Smith, Co-Founder at Global Transformation Partners. His zealous pursuit of automation and digitization deconstructs all these facets of the world’s stage. He’s a man who knows digitization and, more importantly, how human minds function in the workplace.

This wasn’t enough for his massive array of abilities; he’s also a co-author of the international bestseller Transformation Mindset: 10 Things Leaders Should Do Right Now to Turn Crisis into Opportunity. But, more crucially, his new book Future Eager, a digital mentality guide for leaders to transform enterprises and accelerate sustainability, is soon to be released.

The entrepreneurial growth and digital attitudes emerge through evolving mindset

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Laurence draws a link between entrepreneurial growth and digital mindsets, pointing out several parallels between the two. In some ways, one can argue that a digital mentality is simply a growth mindset applied to the digital world.

“The new book, Future Eager, is about how to pique people’s interest in what’s coming next.” So, I define a digital mindset as having three major components: the leadership team’s involvement in the organization’s business, the ability to understand and perform conversations on exponential technologies, and enabling tool frameworks that startup companies and digital natives use as their working methods,” he added.

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When it comes to the generational divide in digitization, “There are some excellent examples throughout the world where older folks have really proven to be either just as flexible and adapt in taking on new technology,” asserts Laurence, adding that clients prefer to work with older workers who are adopting new technologies.

“Off the top of my head, I can think of two examples: the Japan post office, where they are trying to automate all of the places with older people, and the DBS bank in Singapore, which also provides the same experience,” he proceeded.

Innovation hubs boost the technical aspects with rapidity

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Laurence simplifies all parts of the innovation center in India, China, and Indonesia, focusing on Estonia as an example of a government that puts all national services online. “Start a corporation and register a bank account virtually quickly and cheaply online with a very low-income tax rate is incredibly interesting,” he explains, expressing his surprise and excitement about the notion that anyone in the world might become a digital citizen of Estonia. Similarly, with Brexit, London has remade itself and is pushing hard into the crypto blockchain web via the metaverse space.”

Spark innovation in a pop-unwilled population across Indonesia adds more to Laurence, where he defines its people as fun-loving and more content with their lives compared to other parts of Southeast Asia.

Laurence brings light on Indonesia, “I see a lot of innovation going on there; some really interesting startups I’ve been meeting with the last few weeks, especially in the blockchain, the metaverse web, 3 NFT space, and a lot of innovation in Bali.”

Laurence explores the variations in digital mindset and transformation between Indonesia and the rest of the world, implying, “There aren’t massive differences, but a few of them I noticed, which include the CEOs, generally big banks, insurance companies, and Telco’s I’m working with may have a big vision statement about digital transformation.”

“The three things I highlighted before, including the CEO’s job capabilities to establish inside his or her own leadership team so that they see digital as an opportunity for their confidence,” Laurence remarks while outlining the leaders of the mental blocks must overcome.

“The primary hurdles a leader faces are how to obtain a digital mindset once that is achieved, then how to get a critical mass on sort of one down and two down by overcoming all of these things, one can revolutionize their leadership journey,” he concluded.

Watch the whole interview here:

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