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Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero: The Anime Film Will Arrive in India with the Hindi Dub Release

Hindi voice cast is also confirmed for the Dragon Ball Super film

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Khushant Runghe
Khushant Runghe
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INDIA: Good news for Indian anime fans! Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero is set to release in Hindi on Indian big screens. The anime movie will also be released in Japanese and English in Indian theatres. The adventure-action film has been released in Japan and the United States, and it will finally arrive in India on August 26, 2022.

Sony Pictures Entertainment India announced Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’s Hindi release

Sony Pictures Entertainment India shared the update on Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero regarding the Hindi release in theatres. The upcoming film is a part of one of the most popular and beloved anime franchises.

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The official Twitter handle of Sony Pictures Entertainment India shared the news. The tweet read, “Anime Fans, Rejoice. Dragon Ball Super: SUPER HERO is the first anime film to be dubbed in Hindi for the incredible fans in India. Releasing exclusively in cinemas in Hindi, English, and Japanese on Aug 26! #DragonBall #DragonBallSuper #DragonBallSuperSuperhero.’’

The ensemble voice cast for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero includes: 

Ankur Jhaveri as Goku, Sanchit Wartak as Gohan, Shailendra Pandey as Piccolo, Prasad Barve as Vegeta, Anshul Saxena as Trunks, Mayur Vyas as Krillin, Rajashrie Sharma as Goten and Bulma, Parighna as Videl, Yudhvir Dahiya as Gamma 1, Rajesh Shukla as Gamma 2, Shanoor Mirza as Dr Hedo and Pawan Kalra as Magenta and Uplaksk Kochchar as Carmine. 

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The announcement of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’s Hindi dub sparked excitement among Indian anime fans. As Sony Pictures Entertainment India made the announcement, fans expressed their amazement in the comments section. Numerous fans added that the Hindi dub would increase the film’s box office collection. Some fans also inquired about the release of the Hindi trailer.

Sony Pictures Entertainment India also announced an exciting update to Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, in addition to the Hindi dubbed release. The distributors unveiled that the upcoming anime film will debut in Indian theatres in IMAX, 4Dx MX4D, or 2D. 

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