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Embassy of India in Sao Tome and Principe Celebrates Indian Republic Day

Ambassador Raghu Gururaj unfurled the National Flag and read out the Address of the President of India

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SAO TOME and PRINCIPE: The Embassy of India in the Democratic Republic of Sao Tome & Principe celebrated the 73rd Republic Day of India at its premises in Sao Tome on 26 January 2022.

Ambassador Raghu Gururaj unfurled the National Flag and read out the Address of the President of India. The address of the President of India highlighted the challenges faced by India amid the COVID-19 pandemic and how the world’s largest vaccination drive is progressing at a quick pace in India.  

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The President of India also highlighted the fact that despite the intervention of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Indian economy is on the move again and is projected to grow at an impressive rate in the next fiscal year. The President also underlined India’s leadership role on climate change at the world stage.

The event was attended by over 40 persons, which included the small Indian community, important local officials, members of the media, academics, and students from the universities and other friends of India.

The Republic Day celebration in India

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Every year January 26 is celebrated as Republic Day in India. It was on this day in 1950 that the Indian Constitution came into existence. India got independence on August 15, 1947, from British rule, which is celebrated as the Independence Day of India.

However, it was on November 26, 1949, that the Indian Constitution was first adopted. But the integration of this big nation and unifying the wide variety of cultural diversities was not done until January 26, 1950, that is the day when the Indian Constitution came into effect.

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The constitution of India is a huge document that lays down procedures, powers, duties, fundamental rights, and directive principles of the Government of India & Indian citizens.

The governing principle of the Indian Constitution is “of the people, for the people and by the people”, which signifies that the power is vested in the hands of the citizens of India.

Republic Day marks the celebration of the empowerment of Indian citizens to select their government. It is a national holiday that commemorates the process of the establishment of the Indian Constitution.

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