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Entrepreneurship Can Resolve Three Major Global Challenges – Finland’s Entrepreneur Says

Titta Kuisma urged women, especially those who stay at home to embrace entrepreneurship adding that it will give them the opportunity to be financially stable

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Transcontinental Times Staff
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FINLAND. Raahe: The Founder of The Happy Ambassador concept for kids, Titta Kuisma, has said that entrepreneurship can improve healthcare, environment and solve issues challenging humanity across the world.

Speaking in an interview with Transcontinental Times, the Entrepreneur who is also the Marketing Manager of Kipuwex Ltd, noted that entrepreneurship is a great foundation to create new technology and innovations.

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Kuisma said, “When we create life-changing innovations, it’s a chain reaction. We can create more workplaces, we can create more income, a better life for families, which is affecting physical and mental health, making conscious actions, we can improve families, work communities, societies, it is a global movement for the better future.”

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She urged women, especially those who stay at home to embrace entrepreneurship adding that it will give them the opportunity to be financially stable.

There is still unleashed power with women, who stay at home. Equality is a key, to support women to build their dreams, to be independent, to stand on their own feet, and to live fully.

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“As individuals, we are an entity, and we have many needs. I am a mother, which is the best thing in the world, but also I want to make an impact to the world, I want to improve on humanity and to empower women for the better life and to be confident as we all deserve to be happy and reach and pursue our dreams. Life is wonderful and worth of living, experiencing new things with curiosity,” Kuisma said.

Entrepreneurship in the coming years

She believes that there will be more entrepreneurs who will make an impact and improve the world in the next few years.

She noted that the COVID-19 pandemic has spurred people to think deeper about what they can do to improve the environment and world.

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“As we have faced severe changes in the world due to pandemic, I believe this has caused also people to think deeper, what they really want from the life when normal facilities are taken away. I think there will be amazing innovations, new technology, Telehealth, which will improve and revolutionize healthcare worldwide, as health is our wealth,” Kuisma added.

Advice to upcoming Entrepreneurs

She encouraged upcoming Entrepreneurs to be relentless and not to give up adding that it is important that they get to know themselves and find their passion and mission which without it, they may give up within a short while.

“Making business is hard, that is why it should be made with the heart. It is always worth trying. To innovate, to create. We all learn to be entrepreneurs, it can be a long journey, that is why I think it is clever to start small, to make minor mistakes. Firm foundation is needed in entrepreneurship. It is not a child’s game. You may lose your money, your friends, even your family members. When you find your mission, your passion, which is planted inside of you, you become unstoppable, but be ready for the marathon of your life,” she told Transcontinental Times.


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