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European Day of Justice: Speech by Pilar Llop, Minister of Justice of Spain

The Minister of Justice of Spain addressed citizens about their rights and affirmed the 2030 Justice Plan

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SPAIN: The European Day of Justice is celebrated each year around the 25 October. On the occasion of this year’s European Day of Justice, Minister Pilar LLop highlighted the celebration promoted by the Council of Europe and the European Commission.

With her words, she thanks all those who make the European Day of Justice possible and affirms the commitment of the Spanish Ministry of Justice “to an accessible, efficient, sustainable and cohesive Justice as a way to achieve the objective of a more just and inclusive society as calls for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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Ministerio de Justicia: Día Europeo de la Justicia – Ministra de Justicia Pilar Llop

Plan de Justicia 2030

The Ministry of Justice has established the 2030 Justice Plan (Spanish: Plan de Justicia 2030) as a lever for the transformation of the public justice service to strengthen the rule of law, with the support of EU Next Generation funds. The Ministry of Justice also wants to bring the work of notaries to the most everyday areas to help citizens.

The general objective is to transform the Public Justice Service to make it more accessible, efficient and contribute to the common effort of cohesion and sustainability “to ensure that no one is left behind.

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In all other 17 member States, different events such as free legal aid to citizens, training and information sessions for justice professionals and students took place all across Europe and will be held until the end of the week.


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