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Evil Dead Rise Trailer: Critics Crown the Horror Movie with Positive Reviews 

Lee Cronin's directorial Evil Dead Rise is set to hit big screens on April 21, 2023

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UNITED STATES: The highly-anticipated horror featurette Evil Dead Rise bagged its Final Review Trailer. The fifth film in the series has knocked on the doors as its gears up for its arrival.

The makers have dropped the last trailer featuring the critics’ rating. Lee Cronin’s directorial film hypes the viewers by offering an insight into the brutal and gory world of Evil Dead Rise.

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The supernatural horror film stars Lily Sullivan, Alyssa Sutherland, Morgan Davies, Gabrielle Echols and Nell Fisher in pivotal roles. Lee Cronin adds the directorial vision while penning the script.

Evil Dead Rise receives a new trailer

The short glimpse of Evil Dead Rise promises a more thrilling experience, and critics have already applauded the horror feature. The film bagged a whopping score of 96 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, enough to double the hype for the story.

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The Evil Dead Rise trailer provides a short glimpse of the sisters’ reunion, which appears scary and suspenseful as Beth pays her older sister Ellie an overdue visit. The clip cuts short with the discovery of Necronomicon, kept hidden on the ground floor of Ellie’s building.

Later, the book gives rise to flesh-possessing demons, which initiates Beth’s primal battle for survival. The clip showcases her faceoff with a horror-mixed version of motherhood. 

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Evil Dead film series is the brainchild of Sam Raimi and featured franchise staple star Bruce Campbell in three parts. Raimi introduced the first part as a unique horror flick with lots of gruesome scenes merged with his signature camera shots.

It was the second film in the franchise that added a touch of comedy blended with gallons of blood. Yes! The unforgettable and iconic chainsaw scene birthed one of the coolest weapons against the dead in the cinema history. Raimi bid farewell to the director’s chair of the franchise with the third instalment.

In 2013, Fede Alvarez directed a rebooted version with a female lead. Campbell and Raimi worked together as producers, besides the real producer Rob Tapert. 

However, in 2015, Campbell once again took on the mantle of our beloved protagonist in Ash vs Evil Dead TV series. Now, Evil Dead Rise lands as another instalment in the franchise.

Given so much iteration in the film series, viewers got a bit confused. In an interview with a prominent media outlet, Raimi was asked about the film series and their different timelines.

He stated, “I enjoy collaborating with Bruce and Rob. I enjoy it as a producer because they are great collaborators, but I also enjoy having their support as a director. So I’m hoping that will happen eventually.” 

“Mia was fantastic, so I was intrigued. We had been discussing an Evil Dead IV for the other branch of that universe and were concerned about a collision. That evolved into Ash vs. Evil Dead. But I’ve always believed that there was room for both. I still believe there is room for a variety of Evil Dead films. I do not believe they cancel each other out,” Raimi concluded.

All the mysteries around Evil Dead Rise will be uncovered with its release on April 21, 2023.

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