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Faith Fifteen, Where Fashion Meets Faith

By starting her own business at the age of 20, Imaan has proved that there are no limitations for a woman who is determined to rise and make her mark

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Ishita Chakraborty
Ishita Chakraborty
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UNITED KINGDOM: Success requires an ambitious approach, hard work, inspiration, and motivation. By starting a clothing business at the age of 20, Imaan Ayesha has proved that there are no limitations for a woman who is determined to rise and make her mark. An aspiring lawyer, and owner of the clothing business named ‘Faith Fifteen‘, Imaan has set an example for all the young people who are determined to bring a positive change in this world.

Inspiration behind Faith Fifteen

Imaan is a second year law student studying in London. Currently, she is living with her mother Wilayat and her siblings Haleema, Maariyah, Ibrahim and Zainaab. In the future, she aspires to be a solicitor or a barrister. Imaan also wishes to pass the bar exam in New York so that she can practice law in the city.

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Imaan got started with Faith Fifteen because she wanted her native place, Kashmir, to get the global recognition that it deserved. She got the idea of starting this business in just 10 minutes whilst she was working as a part time employee in a coffee shop.

Talking about Faith Fifteen she said, “There is a lot of businesses out there selling products based on countries, but I never found any that sold Kashmir products (where I am from) it was always a custom order. So, being fed up of this I decided to start my own. I wanted to sell clothing for countries that aren’t really represented in online businesses, as it always seems to be the same ones.”

Getting started with her dream venture

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While getting started with Faith Fifteen, she did a thorough research of starting a clothing business. Along with this, Imaan also took help from her friend, Jaheeda who owns a jewellery business called ‘jaheeedaco’ to get some tips and tricks.

“As odd as it sounds, I started this business whilst I was at my part time job in between making people coffee! I made quick sketches of ideas for t-shirts, researched how to start a clothing business and decided that day to start this and asked a friend of mine who owns a jewellery business,” she said.

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Faith Fifteen has t-shirts and face masks that are based on coordinates of different countries. The company donates 10 percent of each purchase to a charity of the country of a customer’s choice.

“I know home can mean different things to people but no matter where you are in the world, having the coordinates of your place of origin with you, can be both comforting and remind you of home. This is why the clothes are based on countries and their coordinates,” she added.

To keep up with the audience engagement, Imaan tries to post content on social media accounts daily or weekly to keep engagement up and ship orders out weekly. Once an order has been placed through the website, I package it and ship it out the next day (sometimes two days later if im busy with my studies)

In the future, Imaan hopes to bring out many more items for Faith Fifteen. Along with this, she also wishes to do collaborations with artists and start taking custom orders.

Models wearing Faith Fifteen t-shirts. Photo Credit: Imaan Ayesha

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The impact of COVID-19 in everyday life

COVID-19 is a global burden which continues to redefine daily lifestyle-related habits in a significant manner as the pandemic progresses through its different phases. The pandemic has affected day to day life of almost everyone.

Just like everyone, Imaan has also experienced lifestyle changes during COVID-19. Talking about this, she said, “ My studies have all been moved online including exams. Everything is now remoted learning! Not being able to see friends and family has also been quite hard. I’m so used to seeing my friends everyday so not being able to see them all of a sudden was definitely odd. My nephew was also born during the pandemic in march last year, so its definitely been odd not being able to see him.

A message to the young entrepreneurs

Giving advice to the young entreprenuers, Imaan said, If you have an idea for a business Just Do it.  Don’t think that it’ll be too hard; if you do your research, I promise it will be worth it . One thing you should do is get people excited for your business! Start an Instagram and post daily, people will become interested in what you’re selling! One thing you shouldn’t do is buy lots of stock to begin with. As you’re starting out, you don’t know if the products will sell or not, so start off small and just reorder when you sell out!! If you need any advice you can always message @faithfifteen or email me on info@faithfifteen.co.uk.”

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