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Thursday, September 21, 2023

Sydney Sweeney Responds to “Assumptions” over Disputed Family Birthday Photos

Sweeney could be seen having fun with her family, including her brother Trent, in the photos

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Sadaf Hasan
Sadaf Hasan
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UNITED STATES: The Euphoria actress shared several unposed photos from the “Birthday Hoedown”-themed event on Instagram over the weekend. The Sweeney family dressed in various western outfits, and the concept was taken literally in the cuisine, decorations, and even the mechanical bull.

In the pictures, Sweeney could be seen having fun at the celebrations with her family, including her brother Trent. But in the backdrop of one photo, a man was spotted wearing a “Blue Lives Matter” t-shirt, and in another that Trent uploaded, partygoers were seen sporting red caps with the slogan “Make Sixty Great Again.”

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Sweeney’s supporters did not like the slogan’s possible implication, whether it was intended or not, as it is comparable to Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign.

Following the criticism, Sweeney herself turned to social media to defend the images and party’s atmosphere.

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“Guys, this is crazy. Unintentionally, celebrating my mother’s milestone 60th birthday has evolved into a ridiculous political statement.” She tweeted about it. “Please refrain from assuming anything. Happy birthday to your mom, and much love to everyone!” She completed.

Some people were calmed by Sweeney’s reaction, while others weren’t persuaded.

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One tweet asked, “‘Assumptions’?” “Your family is racist for sporting blue lives matter shirts and MAGA caps. It’s time to face facts; you famous and white people don’t automatically get everything.”

Another person commented: “It’s ludicrous for you to suggest people are making assumptions’ since the shirt is actually a political statement. You’re not accountable for your family’s racist opinions.”

“Then you ought to have chosen alternative images to share that wouldn’t be open to this kind of interpretation. I’m assuming you’ve learned your lesson, “another said.

Those who supported Sweeney felt sorry for the actor: “Greetings from America! where you can’t speak up on the fly without getting fired! Sad, “read the tweet.

It pays to be aware that anything and everything shared online can, and frequently does, come under scrutiny and, when necessary, be called out, especially when a celebrity is involved. No doubt Sweeney will think twice before posting any private family images again, despite her good intentions.

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