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Farmers’ Protests: A Turning Point For India?

The protest that has been ongoing for the past six months still remains inconclusive

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Kritika Sodhi
Kritika Sodhi
Covering controversial topics and giving voice to silent thoughts, studying in University of Leeds, UK

INDIA. Punjab: India is currently witnessing the largest protest in its history. A protest that has unfolded faces of the BJP government. Despite several rounds of discussion between the government and protestors, the deadlock stands unresolved. Farmers and their supporters continue to sit in the biting cold on Delhi borders.

In his latest speech, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had called the protestors ‘parasites’. Prime Minister Narendra Modi referring to farmers as “parasites” has deeply hurt the farming community, leaders of unions protesting against the Centre’s agriculture laws.

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Prime Minister Modi has not paid a single visit to the borders where lakhs of the farmers are peacefully protesting.

What’s Happening In India?

It now seems like ‘the world’s largest democracy’ is marching towards ‘dictatorship’. Due to the hostile and inhumane behavior towards ‘annadaata’ (food-givers or farmers). Leaders and activists from all corners of the world are voicing their views on the ongoing farmer’s protest.

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Earlier, Meena Harris, niece of Kamla Harris had tweeted about the farmers’ protests. In her tweet she said that the most populous democracy was under assault. In line with this tweet, she added, ” ‘fascist dictators aren’t going anywhere’; people need to organize themselves and fight for the wrong against the wrong.”

Recently, climate activist Disha Ravi was arrested in the toolkit case. The toolkit on the farmers’ protest had come under the police scanner after Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg tweeted it on February 3, with police claiming the sequence of events in the farmers’ protests, including the violent incidents at Red Fort on Republic Day, was a “copycat” of the alleged action plan in the document.

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Disha’s arrest had sparked anger among the youth. Many leaders came in support of Disha Ravi. Priyanka Gandhi, P. Chidambaram, Shashi Tharoor took to Twitter to share their views with hashtags #ReleaseDishaRavi, #IndiaBeingSilenced. Anyone who has been supporting the farmers has been treated like ‘criminals’ by the BJP government.

The recent tweets by Amit Shah, Kangana Ranaut, Narendra Modi has demeaned Sikhs and farmers as ‘terrorists’. People supporting farmers have been termed as ‘anti-national’. A nation that has been known for democracy, diversity in religions, freedoms, and rights have failed on all grounds owing to the ongoing protest. The austere, cold nature of government has brought a black mark on the nation.

How many more deaths, how many more suicides, how many more voices, how many more cries will it take for Narendra Modi to withdraw black farm laws?


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