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Feeding Abandoned Elderly Becomes Business Man’s Passion

Having lost his own father, Mallik has dedicated his life to feeding the elderly of Kolkata

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Priya sharma
Priya sharma
Priya Sharma is a freelance journalist at Transcontinental Times and passionately writes about Business, Lifestyle, startups, and Technology.

INDIA. Kolkata, West Bengal.  The world has become so bad that some people can’t take care of their aging parents. Elderly parents being physically abused and abandoned is not just an urban occurrence. In rural India, the family system is destroyed, with the younger generation moving to cities with their partners and their children to start a new life – without their parents or grandparents.

His own difficult circumstances lead him to feed hundreds

40-year-old Kolkata-based Deb Kumar Mallick is a businessman, always standing for those elderly people who are needy due to age and circumstances. When people refuse to give food to their parents, this man ensures the food reaches the elderly. He feeds nearly 500 elders on any given day.

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He grew up in Baranagar, Kolkata. His parents and an elder brother were leading a good life, but when Deb was 5 years old, his father had an accident and became paralyzed. After the accident, the financial condition of the family began to deteriorate, and his mother started working as a teacher and part-time physiotherapy trainer. Meanwhile, his brother was sent it to a mental health facility for rehab.

Compassion for the elderly

Deb Kumar Mallick Photo Credit: Priya Sharma

In 2005 he went to Surat and worked as a factory worker. In this factory, he learned embroidery in just 9 days, and after 9 years he opened his own company, Jairam Garments.

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When Deb returned to Kolkata, his father’s condition had worsened and he passed away within a few months.

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In an interview with Transcontinental Times, Deb Kumar said “Since my childhood, I always wanted to feed elderly people. I have seen how people are treating their aging parents and using them for their selfish motives. People should understand that parents are the best gift by a God whom they should handle with care. They should not forget how their parents have grown them with all the difficulties”

Kumar believes “If children can’t take care of their aging parents, they have no right to become a parent”

He becomes son to many

Deb became worthy in 2015, he started feeding the elderly every day in front of his house. Presently, his initiative extends to a radius of 20 km from his home. Approximately 70 people volunteer in this work of theirs. These volunteers help to cook food and deliver food packets to the elderly twice a day.

Deb Kumar Delivering Food during heavy rain Photo credit: The Better India

Along with food and medical facilities, he also performs the last rites of the homeless elderly for 1 rupee. The biggest win for him is that hundreds of elders consider him as their son and show lots of love and blessings.

To get in touch with him, we are providing his address and his contact details. If you happen to see someone near you, let the hero of the street know and become the son they deserve!

Address: 76, Netaji Colony, Tobin Road Contact info: 8617715792


  • Priya sharma

    Priya Sharma is a freelance journalist at Transcontinental Times and passionately writes about Business, Lifestyle, startups, and Technology.

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