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Fire Hits Fuel Plant In Batangas, Philippines

1 dead, several injured in Batangas petrochemicals plant blaze

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PHILIPPINES. Simulong, Batangas. A fire broke-out at the JG Summit Petrochemicals plant at Batangas city on Saturday night. The first alarm was declared at 21:05. Fire tenders were immediately deployed by the Batangas Bureau of Fire Protection to control the blaze.

The blaze that left one person dead took place at the plant’s containment basin located near the port area in Barangay Simlong. Hence, the blaze could not affect the core or the manufacturing site of the plant.

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The Emergency Response Team of JG Summit Petrochemicals plant were among the first to respond to crisis. They contained the fire with the help of the Batangas Bureau of Fire Protection. Before further aid was provided by KEPCO Ilijan Power Plant and Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation Refinery in Tabangao.

Workers were immediately evacuated from the site. While those injured, mostly contractors, were taken to the Jesus of Nazareth Hospital. The fire was declared out at 23:55, according to a statement issued by the JG Summit.

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The Batangas Filipino Chinese Volunteer Fire Brigade who also joined hands to bring the blaze under control posted a video of the blaze on Facebook.

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A joint investigation is underway in the case.

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