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Monday, June 5, 2023

Following Jeremy Corbyn’s Ban, Left-Leaning Labour MPs Worry about Losing Their Parliamentary Privileges

Members of Momentum and the Socialist Campaign Group on the left of the party declare, "We are not going away"

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UNITED STATES: Following Keir Starmer’s decision to exclude Jeremy Corbyn from running for the party, left-wing Labour MPs have privately expressed concern that they would also lose the party’s whip.

When Starmer declared that party members who disagreed with his leadership should resign, it raised concerns about the campaign organization Momentum’s viability. The grassroots organization’s activists vowed to continue supporting Labour candidates and to remain a Labour campaign organization.

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Momentum said that it had the biggest jump in new members in a long time and would put pressure on things like nationalization and wealth taxes in the future.

Even though a final decision is likely to be made once Corbyn makes one, the group’s desire to stay powerful within Labour strongly suggests that it would not support Corbyn as an independent candidate.

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Even though the former leader has said that his first goal is to run for Labour, the party will likely punish any members who support Corbyn against a Labour candidate.

“The door might be open, but we’re not leaving,” said Momentum’s Hilary Schan in response to Starmer’s invitation for critics to leave the party. She went on to say that the organization was still encouraging people to join it.

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Only two MPs—Diane Abbott of the Labour Party and now-independent Claudia Webbe, who was once a close ally of Corbyn but was suspended following a legal dispute—have commented on the suspension of the Labour Party leader.

Allies of Starmer say that rejecting the mistakes made during the Corbyn years, especially being tough on antisemitism, is paying off in the polls, where Labour is ahead by 20 points.

But many MPs in the Socialist Campaign Group claimed that under Tony Blair and other successful Labour leaders like Clement Attlee and Harold Wilson, the party could no longer be the broad church it had been.

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