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Thursday, September 21, 2023

China’s Diplomatic Appeal to France for Calmer EU Relations

China is ready to strengthen ties with France in both established and emerging fields

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CHINA: China’s Vice Premier, He Lifeng, has called on France to restore stability in EU-China relations, focusing on collaboration and risk management.

China is ready to strengthen ties with France in both established and emerging fields, including banking and science and technology. The request was made during conversations with France’s Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire.

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After the European Union and the United States, China is France’s third-largest trading partner, but French businesses are growing more anxious they might be caught in the crossfire of the world’s two economic superpowers. EU sanctions against Russia may affect Chinese companies, who are believed to be evading regulations.

Le Maire highlighted three key areas for cooperation between France and China: technology revolution, value chain restructuring, and greener economy shift. He also emphasized the importance of deepening economic and financial cooperation and receptiveness to new investments from China.

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The growth and strengthening of France and China’s economic and financial cooperation must be considered, according to La Maire.

He Lifeng praised the meeting as a positive sign of China and France’s commitment to cooperation in addressing global instability and bringing stability.

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Following the talks, Le Maire claimed significant strides had been made in French-Chinese cooperation in the financial, food and beverage, aerospace, cosmetics, and aerospace sectors. The French government’s decision to extend Huawei 5G licences in select cities was appreciated by the Chinese side, He claimed.

The world has sped into a new state of volatility and uncertainty not seen in a century, China’s He told his guests, adding that the meeting was a good indicator that China and France will cooperate to address problems and provide stability.

The conversation between France and China highlights their shared commitment to mutual growth and cooperation, particularly in light of global economic conflicts.

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