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Thursday, October 29, 2020

From Engineer To Program Officer Of UN Initiatives In Pakistan

As the eldest orphan, Amin was suppose to focus on his brothers and sisters, yet he managed to educate both his brothers and himself.

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Minahil Khan
Minahil Khan
Minahil khan was born on 19 September 2001,in pakistan,as a muslim daughter,She is a student of Journalism and mass communication. Her Hobbies are to write more and independently.

PAKISTAN. Islamabad. Muhammad Amin, in an interview with Transcontinental Times, said that he started his career as an engineer in 1996 and immediately joined the telecom sector in Pakistan where he served for nearly 10 years. He completed his masters in international relations and switched careers to serve as project manager with the United Nations of Pakistan.

Efforts to curb organized crime. He serves as program officer for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime in Islamabad; this program covers Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and 5 other Central Asian countries. He supports efforts against transnational organized crime.

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Amin said “it was [his] dream job to become a part of international civil services.” When he was a kid, he aspired to become an engineer. He wanted to join the civil services of Pakistan, but he failed. He wasn’t crushed under the failure. Eventually, he reached his goal. He said, “I am on track; I am exactly where I wanted to be.”

Overcoming personal challenges. Amin revealed that being a son of a single mother and surviving as an orphan from the age of 8 with no support has been his greatest challenge. He continued his studies, and after his graduation, he found myself in a challenging situation as they were a family of 7, and he was the eldest among the siblings. He said that it was “difficult for a young man to find a job to support my family.” He is grateful for his education which led to a an engineering job.

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Amin doesn’t consider himself an inspiration for others, but he believes in the importance of  “learning something from everyone.” In Pakistan, orphans are neglected but being the eldest, he was suppose to focus on his brothers and sisters. He managed to educate both of his brothers and himself.

Advice for youth. Amin offered this advice to youth who are also facing struggles. “Continue learning, raise your bar, if one has these qualities they will definitely grow by each passing day.” Amin shared that to be successful, “one should never lie to him/herself. There is no shortcut in life, work hard, learn things from everyone you can, be honest to yourself.”

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