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Godzilla vs Kong 2: The Long-Awaited Crossover Sequel Has Begun Filming in Australia

Besides the sequel, spinoff shows are also joining the Monsterverse

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Khushant Runghe
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UNITED STATES: Godzilla vs Kong was one of the most anticipated crossovers among Monsterverse’s fan-favourite behemoths. Though the film’s climactic Kaiju was Godzilla, it’s time to experience the clash of mighty behemoths once again.

The crossover film grossed $470 million at the box office during the pandemic, making it Warner Bros’ and Legendary Pictures’ most successful film in 2021. Following the film’s success, a sequel was also announced previously, and the production for the upcoming feature is now started.

The sequel to Godzilla vs. Kong is set to debut in 2024

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The filming of the anticipated sequel to Godzilla vs Kong has begun, according to 7NEWS Brisbane in Australia. The news channel also shared the video on its social media handle. Viewers also received a preview of the footage, which showed that filming has begun at the seashore. 

The clips featured people fleeing from the shore, which might be Godzilla emerging from the sea, or another Kaiju might also appear in the film. Though the footage implies filming is started, the studios have no official word regarding the commencement of production.

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Apart from the announcement, there is hardly any update on the storyline elements or the character’s appearance in the film from Legendary Pictures. Adam Wingard, who directed the original picture, is set to return in the director’s chair. Dan Stevens is also confirmed in the film’s ensemble; however, the character he will play has yet to be revealed. Following the announcement of the director and actor, no information about the writers of the much-anticipated crossover sequel is released.

The sequel to Godzilla vs Kong is not the only forthcoming venture in the Monsterverse. There are numerous shows and spinoffs added to the list. The studio also confirmed the live-action series, which will take place after Godzilla (2014). Kurt Russell and Wyatt Russell are also confirmed to join the ensemble cast. Though the series title is yet to be finalized, the studios will develop it on Apple TV+.

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“Skull Island,” an animated show focusing on Kong, is also announced for Netflix. The series will delve deeper into the mysterious island’s universe populated with deadly monsters. Aside from the confirmation of the title on streaming platforms, the studio has yet to divulge the release date of the spinoff shows.

The second instalment of Godzilla vs Kong bagged the release date earlier, indicating that the movie will debut on March 15, 2024.

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