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Google Launches Bard AI Chatbot for Limited Users across US and UK

Google describes Bard as an "early experiment that allows you to collaborate with generative AI"

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UNITED STATES: Google is introducing its Bard AI platform to a limited group of users after months of public speculation about chatbots driven by artificial intelligence. Bard is built on LaMDA, Google’s proprietary language model that made headlines in June 2022. Millions of words, online books, journals, and encyclopedias served as the training ground for Bard. This is then used by its software to offer responses to queries and prompts that are human-like and can conversely respond to follow-up queries. 

As part of its push to release a rival to Bing Chat and ChatGPT, Google’s Bard chatbot will go live on Tuesday in the US and the UK. It is seen as a “do-or-die” situation for the company because its profitable web search service risks being outperformed by artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots, even though these chatbots still have trouble consistently giving accurate and meaningful results. Google describes Bard as an “early experiment that allows you to collaborate with generative AI”.

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Like its competitors, Bard lets users type in questions and requests in everyday English. It can also answer complex questions with its own ideas and have a back-and-forth conversation. Starting on Tuesday, users can join a waiting list on the business website to request access. 

In a live demonstration, Jack Krawczyk, the product lead for Bard, demonstrated how Bard assisted him in coming up with ideas for a birthday celebration for his son that combined his two loves, rabbits and gymnastics. 

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Google didn’t show off its conversational AI, Bard, until February, after ChatGPT became so popular. A few days after Google revealed its plan, Microsoft took it a step further and unveiled and launched Bing Chat, which is driven by OpenAI’s GPT-4 language model.

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