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Greek Conservatives Achieve Decisive Triumph in Re-election, Securing Overwhelming Support

The radical leftist party Syriza, which had previously held power until 2019, lagged behind by 20 points, losing ground to the conservative party

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GREECE. Athens: In a resounding victory, reformer Kyriakos Mitsotakis has been re-elected as Greece’s prime minister, solidifying the conservative New Democracy party’s position with an impressive 40.5% of the vote and 158 seats in the 300-seat parliament. The Greek radical leftist party Syriza, which had previously held power until 2019, lagged behind by 20 points, losing ground to the conservative party.

Mitsotakis, in the wake of Syriza’s devastating loss and the departure of over 30 MPs, has pledged to meet the expectations of the Greek people. However, the election outcome has also seen the emergence of far-right groups such as the Spartans, who have managed to secure representation in parliament. Former prime minister Alexis Tsipras criticized the results, arguing that they pose a threat to democracy and society. Tsipras stated that Syriza’s “great and creative historic circle” had now come to a close.

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At 55 years of age, Mitsotakis, a former banker with a political family background, has outlined ambitious plans for Greece’s future. Promising to enhance the country’s tourism sector, stimulate job growth, and increase wages to match European Union standards, Mitsotakis aims to restore Greece’s credit rating following the decade-long debt crisis. The prime minister’s commitment to economic growth and job creation has instilled a sense of pride among the Greek populace.

The recent election, held after the inconclusive results of the May 21 vote, saw the Plefsi Eleftherias party gain an additional eight seats in parliament. Notably, leftist politician Zoe Constantopoulou also secured eight seats, a testament to her involvement in entertaining Greece’s lenders during her speakership in 2015.

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Greece has grappled with deficiencies in its healthcare and public transport infrastructure, exacerbated by the COVID-19 outbreak and recent rail accidents. The cost of living crisis and the state of the economy were among the primary concerns for voters. Giorgos Katzimertzis, an elderly citizen, expressed high hopes for the new government, emphasizing the crucial role of a stable economy and reliable healthcare systems during these challenging times.

The election in Greece followed a tragic migrant shipwreck that claimed the lives of hundreds, shining a spotlight on the country’s immigration policies. Surprisingly, the Spartans party, which advocates for stricter immigration control, garnered 4.7% of the vote and secured 13 seats in parliament. Notably, Ilias Kasiadiaris, the leader of the banned far-right Golden Dawn party, expressed his support for the Spartans from behind bars. In a photograph shared on Twitter, Kasiadiaris was seen jubilantly wearing a Spartans emblem t-shirt and giving a thumbs-up gesture in front of a prison wall.

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The conservative victory in Greece’s re-election signals a new era for the country, with Mitsotakis at the helm, aiming to steer Greece toward economic prosperity, improved public services, and a more robust immigration policy.

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