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Gujarat House Passes Resolution against ‘BBC Documentary’, Seeks Strict Action for Tampering PM Modi’s Image

BJP party leaders claimed that “the documentary was part of an international conspiracy to defame India”

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INDIA. Gujarat: Gujarat Assembly passed a resolution, requesting the Centre take strict action against the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) for misleading people and harming the image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi with its documentary on the 2002 Godhra riots. 

The proposal for the private member’s motion was made by BJP MLA Sojitra Anand Vipul Patel, which was further supported by MLAs Manisha Vakil, Dhavalsinh Zala, Amit Thaker, and Minister of State for Home Harsh Sanghavi.

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The leaders laid support for the motion, saying that the documentary “misrepresented events of 2002” is a plotted attempt to defame India by the “so-called liberals who are anti-India”. 

During the discussion, the saffron party leaders said that “the documentary was part of an international conspiracy to defame India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, whose popularity is rising as a global leader”. 

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Assembly Speaker Shankar Chaudhary praised the historic move and said, “The public is very angry about the BBC documentary, and the central government will be told so that they can take more action against the makers.” 

“Any media house publishing any news about India should bear in mind that India is the world’s largest democracy that follows the principles of Panchsheel,” he added.

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Per the leading political heads, the Supreme Court, and the state government-appointed Nanavati Commission, which gave a clean chit to the then chief minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi. 

Meanwhile, Harsh Sanghavi said, “This documentary is nothing but a toolkit to act against India. In psychology, you might have heard of phobia. Some media suffer from Modi-phobia or India-phobia.” 

The documentary, India: the Modi Question, is a two-part series examining the rising tensions between the Indian prime minister and the country’s Muslim minority that aired in the UK in January. Since 2014, Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government has pursued Hindu-centric policies that have been accused of targeting and discriminating against India’s 200 million Muslims as part of a right-wing religious nationalist agenda that is moving India away from secularism.

This not only showcased India in poor limelight but also pointed fingers at veteran political stalwarts. 

Talking about it, BJP MLA Manisha Vakil’s said, “BBC documentary is mere international propaganda. It is totally biased and showcases the colonial mindset that deliberately tries to misinform its viewers. It is working under the guise of media freedom.”

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