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Himanta Sarma Calls Rahul Gandhi “Inefficient” for Politics

Sarma said that Rahul didn't have systematic seriousness and accused him of chasing power without responsibility

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INDIA. Assam: Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma took a direct dig at Congress leader Rahul Gandhi in the episode of ‘Podcast with Smita Prakash’

Sarma said that Rahul Gandhi didn’t have systematic seriousness and accused him of chasing power without responsibility.

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The Assam CM pointed out how people initially start with ignorance and turn out to be arrogant. The entire statement came up in the context of the Congress party’s new presidential selection.

The former Congress leader slammed Rahul Gandhi while recalling his days working with Congress.“This moment he is talking to you, the next moment he will go outside for jogging or in some other room, while you will keep waiting for him. And then he will arrive in half an hour.”

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Rahul Gandhi, the lone heir to the politically powerful Congress family, is still working to establish his credibility. Consequently, through his statements, he was frequently accused of being “inefficient and impractical.”

Sarma further said, “But most importantly, he has a big family like he is a feudal lord. He is not the president of Congress today, but he makes all decisions. Why is the entire party behind you if you have taken the blame for the Lok Sabha election defeat?”

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“You have no post, but you are exercising your power. You have had no posts in UPA 1 or 2, but everybody was going to their house. “You want to enjoy power without accountability,” he added.

The minister proved his point by narrating a real incident. He said that his son was in the same school as Rahul Gandhi.

“Rahul Gandhi was a former student of the school, but the students discussed that none of Rahul Gandhi’s words impressed them. Then I thought that if this is what a student in grades 8 or 9 who is otherwise not involved in politics thinks, then it means you should not stay in the party at all.”

Sarma broke his ties with the party after years of companionship. Talking about his, he said, “Whenever a leader quits the party, they say you have betrayed the family. They won’t say you have betrayed the nation. But the nation made you an MP. But they think they made someone the MP.”

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