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HIT 2: Adivi Sesh’s Film is Ready to Bag Its First Single on November 10

HIT 2 recently received a gripping teaser providing a brief glimpse of HIT Verse

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Khushant Runghe
Khushant Runghe
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INDIA: Adivi Sesh’s HIT 2 has arrived with a new musical update. The Telugu star has shared the release date of the first video song from the upcoming film. 

Adivi Sesh starrer HIT 2 is the second instalment set in a properly planned Sailesh Kolanu’s HIT Verse. For the unknown, Kolanu’s directorial mystery actioner follows a fictional team HIT (Homicide Intervention Team). 

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Each part of the film franchise focuses on a different officer, which is evident from Vishwak Sen’s character in the first part and Adivi Sesh’s character in the second part.

Adivi Sesh shared the music video’s release date

Adivi Sesh shared the update on Twitter. The actor tweeted, “In the darkness of KD’s world, Aarya is the LIGHT. And #UrikeUrike is the Anthem. We didn’t want just a Lyrical Video. We want you to Witness KD’s love for Aarya in the amazing #UrikeUrike Full Video Song from #HIT2 #UrikeUrike from #HIT2 out on November 10th #HIT2onDec2.”

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According to the tweet, HIT 2 first single is titled “Urike Urike,” which will be released on November 10, 2022. The first single will arrive in a video format showering the love anthem’s essence on viewers. The film’s lead stars, Adivi Sesh and Meenakshi Chaudhary will be the highlight of the music video.

HIT 2 teaser promises another gripping suspense-thriller from Sailesh Kolanu 

Following the deep dive into HIT Verse by the very talented Sailesh Kolanu, Adivi Sesh’s HIT 2: The Second Case finally bagged a teaser on November 3, 2022. Kolanu’s gripping suspense-thriller gets an R-rated teaser that opens with a soothing track and ends with shocker visuals.

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Adivi Sesh shared the teaser on Twitter. The Telugu actor tweeted, “What do YOU know about FEAR? You. will. find. out. The #HIT2 Teaser is Here. HIT 2 Teaser | Adivi Sesh | Nani | Sailesh Kolanu |WARNING : Not for Children #HIT2onDec2’’.

HIT 2 teaser commences with John Stweart Eduri’s rocking background score that fits perfectly with Adivi Sesh’s character intro as Krishna Dev “KD”.

Following the soothing intro scenes, the video takes a dark turn by showcasing a brutally butchered dead body. The entire scene sends chills down the spine. 

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