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How To Become A Social Media Influencer

Do you want to be a social media influencer? Well, then you have come to the right place

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Gone are the days when social media was just used as a pass time. When people only used to post random stuff on their feed. Nowadays, it is much more than that. It is a business. It is a full-time job for people. And what are these people called? Social Media Influencers.

Let me tell you from the beginning, being a social media influencer is a lot of hard work. This is not some “get rich quick” scheme.You must put in the hours. A lot of people assume it is not that hard. Because all you must do is post pictures day and night! Right?! Well, no, it is a lot more than just posting photos. People just see the tip of the iceberg, but it is really the influencer who knows, how much work goes into getting that perfect shot. And if you want to pursue this as more than a just a hobby, then keep reading.

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Steps to become a social media influencer:

  • Select a Niche

Let us start with the most basic step i.e. to select a niche. You need to select a niche that you are comfortable with. For example, if you have a great fashion sense, make content related to fashion. Or are you good at making the best out of waste? Start posting your DIYs. But be passionate about it because it will only make you love your work more.

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  • Select a Platform

Next, you need to chose a social media platform. Yes, Instagram is the go-to app for influencers, but so are YouTube, Twitter, etc. Choose the platform based on your skillset. Are you good at making videos? Go for YouTube. Are you good at taking photos and making videos? Go for Instagram. If you love to write, go for Twitter. And do not put all your eggs in the same basket by going for just one platform. Go for two.

  • Create a Content Strategy

The next step is to create a content strategy. The quality of your content will make or break your career as a social media influencer. You should primarily focus on creating engaging content. Analyze how much time, money you can spend and how much audience you can capture.

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  • Identify Audience

Which brings me to my next point i.e. to identify your target audience. You may create world class content, but if it does not reach your audience, all the hard work goes to waste. Try to match thee wants of your audience with your niche. Push your creativity, your talent to make content that people are excited to watch. This will make them stick around.

  • Maintain Consistency

Once you have all this figured out, start posting. But be consistent. If you are not consistent, people will lose interest as quickly as they gained that interest. When you post content on a regular basis, it increases your reach. However, always ensure that consistency should not affect the quality of the content. 

  • Test Your Influence

And do not forget to test your influence. Start hosting giveaways, conducting live streams. This will give you a boost of confidence that people are really engaging with the content.

  • Are you ready to become a Social Media Influencer?

The truth is that there is no direct answer on how to become a social media influencer. It may take months before the results start to show, but do not give up and keep trying. I hope the steps mentioned here helps you in your endeavour.

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Priyanshi Singh is a student of Amity Business School, Mumbai. She won the Blogger of the Month (November, 2020) competition jointly organized by Bloggers Alliance and Transcontinental Times.


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