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Hinduphobic Attack in California: Indian-American Radically Abused by Sikh Man

Police department said he is charged with assaulting and disturbing the surrounding peace with offensive language

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UNITED STATES: In a recent incident, an Indian American man Krishnan Jayaraman faced verbal racial abuse from a man in California. The alleged person, identified as Singh Tejinder, belongs to the Sikh community and is an Indian American. This occurrence happened to be the same day after a group of Indian American women racially harangued in Texas in the US.

Tejinder is booked under hate crime in violation of civil rights. The Fremont Police department said he is charged with assaulting and disturbing the surrounding peace with offensive language. He has also disturbed communal harmony. The incident broke out at a place called Taco Bell on August 21.

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Jayaraman went to get his order when the alleged attacker began verbally attacking him, calling him a “Hindu who bathes in cow urine,” the attacker allegedly said. “The people of India are a joke. See this disgusting s**t “. Upon recalling the incident, Jayaraman claimed Singh had called him, “Dog, you’re a shithead. You seem awful. Never again should you appear in public like this. “He continued his tirade and twice spat in Jayaraman’s face, which was caught on camera. “This isn’t India, folks! You made India up and are now making America up.”

When Jayaraman noticed Singh’s accent and realised he was an Indian during the tirade, he was shocked by the behaviour. “Sincere to God, I was scared. On the one hand, I was furious, but on the other, I was afraid that if he got too hostile, he might come after me, “the victim said.

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The 37-year-old alleged man showed disrespect not only for his country but also for the country he resides in. Police Chief Sean Washington wrote, “We take hate incidents and crimes seriously and understand their significant impact on our community. These events are disgusting. We want to urge the community to be respectful of one another and to immediately report any situations like this that, upon investigation, may rise to the level of a crime.”

He further added that, “We are here to protect all community members, regardless of their gender, race, nationality, religion, and other differences. If a hate crime occurs, we will use all of our resources to follow up and look into it. As one of the country’s most ethnically and racially diverse cities, Fremont values its residents’ contributions from all walks of life.”

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Later on, Jayaraman took to Twitter and thanked Police Chief Sean Washington. He wrote, “The part that sucked was that the abuser spits on the counter where food was being served, and despite pointing that out, the Taco Bell employees continued serving the food on it.”

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