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Thursday, January 20, 2022
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Google Doodle Celebrates Hisaye Yamamoto

UNITED STATES: As part of the Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, Google Doodle honored on the 4th of May 2021 Hisaye Yamamoto. Yamamoto was one...

Equitable Math Instruction: A Mutilated Octopus

UNITED STATES: Ethnomathematics, the study of the relationship between mathematics and culture, has recently become the subject of anti-racist educational campaigns by Woke educators....

Broken Windows: Common Element Between Two Books On Racism And A “No Fear” Shop

SPAIN: As discrimination worsens in Spain, its streets become classrooms, and chances to improve dialogue and ease multicultural stratification take the form of broken windows. One...

Sri Lanka’s Proposal To Ban Burqa Termed As ‘Racist Agenda’

After the Easter Sunday attacks, Muslim women even covering their face or head with a shawl were abused because some non-Muslims assumed covering the head was banned, making it important for public awareness on what the burqa really is. Photo Credit: Pixabay

Six People Ejected From SCG As Racism Raised Its Ugly Head

AUSTRALIA. Sydney: Around six people were ejected from the stands at Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) on the fourth day of the third Test match...

Conscious Anti-Racism: Tools For Self-Discovery And Accountability

UNITED STATES: The rise of racial injustice in America has buckled us into what seems like a time warp. Our community can heal from...

Young Black Athlete Succeeds Despite Racism And Sexism

UNITED STATES. Rochester, New York. Carrington Hayward, a 17 year old, has been competitively bowling since she was nine. Carrington is a quiet black...

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