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Conscious Anti-Racism: Tools For Self-Discovery And Accountability

How To Address Subconscious Racism: Answers From Doctors Jill Wener and Maiysha Clairborne

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UNITED STATES: The rise of racial injustice in America has buckled us into what seems like a time warp. Our community can heal from the inside out with the Conscious Anti-Racism movement led by Meditation and EFT Expert, Dr. Jill Wener in collaboration with Master NLP, Hypnosis Practitioner & Trainer, Dr. Maiysha Clairborne.

In their Amazon Best Selling book, Conscious Anti-Racism: Tools for Self-Discovery, Accountability, and Meaningful Change, the co-authors help individuals increase their ability to master self-discovery and accountability in the fight against racism. Anti-Racism refers to policies, ideas, & actions that seek to dismantle racism and racial bias. While some people choose to ignore racial inequities, others are oblivious to the fact that they could be engaging in unconscious racist behaviors.

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These behaviors are deeply ingrained and impact society in many arenas – including healthcare. Dr. Jill Wener, a physician, white ally, and aspiring anti-racist, created the Conscious Anti-Racism curriculum based on her personal anti-racism journey. She has incorporated ten years of practicing medicine along with her mind-body expertise into the model. Motivated to ensure that her curriculum had balanced points of view, she partnered with Dr. Maiysha Clairborne, MD – to lead the charge in changing how we address unconscious racism.

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Unintentional racism often aligns with good intentions. The increased level of cultural insensitivity by non-minority groups often results in heated race-related dialogue with African Americans and other minority groups. Conscious Anti-Racism provides mindfulness tools that help people delve inward to discover and eliminate their unconscious racial bias at the root cause.

The curriculum is designed to change the scope of how we address the innate traumas caused by deeply rooted racism. It provides solutions for a better understanding of systemic racism in society by helping others lean into the issues around race relations.


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