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Indian Students Entering Canada on Fake Study Permits Face Investigations

The fraud came to light after the Indian students applied for permanent residency in Canada

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Raju Vernekar
Raju Vernekar
Raju Vermekar is a senior Mumbai-based journalist who have worked with many daily newspapers. Raju contributes on versatile topics.

INDIA. Mumbai: A large number of Indian students who entered Canada, based on fake study permits provided by a Jalandhar (Punjab)-based agent, Brijesh Mishra, are facing investigations and are likely to be deported.

According to reports, Mishra, a travel agent, who runs “Education Migration Services (EMS),” charged over Rs 16 lakh per student for all expenses, including admission fees to the premier institute, the Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning (Humber College), Toronto, but excluding the air tickets and security deposits.

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However, the Canadian authorities found admission offer letters and educational institutions to be fake. Eventually, the students will be served deportation letters from the Canadian Border Security Agency (CBSA), sources said.

The students went to Canada on a study visa between 2018-2019. The fraud came to light after they applied for permanent residency in Canada. They claimed that they had applied for a study visa through Mishra-led EMS from 2018–2022, but they could not substantiate his involvement in organizing fake documents.

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In response to an e-mail sent by the Transcontinental Times, Rebecca Purdy, a senior spokeswoman for CBSA, stated, “The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) can confirm that there are several active Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) investigations into cases of misrepresentation, including those related to study permits. As these are ongoing investigations, it would be inappropriate to comment further at this time.”

“The CBSA does not comment or provide details on specific cases. What we can tell you is that the CBSA enforces or assists other federal departments and agencies, as well as the provinces and territories, in enforcing more than 100 acts and regulations, including the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA). Persons who misrepresent themselves and/or use fraudulent documentation to seek entry to Canada or to remain in Canada are contravening IRPA and risk being removed from Canada,” she added.

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The CBSA is responsible for investigating allegations of violations of the Customs Act and the IRPA, focusing on complex cases involving organized fraudulent activity, or a history of non-compliance, and primarily targeting the organizers, facilitators, and perpetrators of the crimes who pose a threat to the integrity of Canada’s border legislation. 

“When we find out about situations that might be against these acts, we look into them and take the right steps, as required by Canadian law. We welcome tips and encourage the public to advise us of any suspicious activity. Individuals who violate Canada’s immigration laws are subject to serious consequences, including criminal charges, court fines, probation, imprisonment, and a criminal record,” the statement added.

Now the District Commissioner of Jalandhar has issued a show-cause notice to Rahul Bhargava of EMS, in which Mishra is a partner. The DC has asked them to appear before him on March 20 to clarify the issue, or else their license would be cancelled.

Mishra, originally from Bihar, who earlier ran a consultancy firm called “Easy Way Immigration Consultancy”, was arrested in 2013 for forging documents to send students abroad. He had also taken over the franchise of a Delhi-based consultancy that facilitated student visas for Canada. Subsequently, he joined Bhargava in EMS.

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  • Raju Vernekar

    Raju Vermekar is a senior Mumbai-based journalist who have worked with many daily newspapers. Raju contributes on versatile topics.

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