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Best Indian Travel Hotspots in 2023 That are Quintessentially Pet-friendly

Witness the best travel locations in India that offers comfort to you and your pets

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Hrishita Chatterjee
Hrishita Chatterjee
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INDIA: 2022 was the ideal year for tourists and travellers with the dissipation of gloom that the coronavirus had brought along with it. 

With easing restrictions, and people resuming their daily life routine, taking a break from the monotony of life with friends, kith, and kin, and even pets have become a source of respite for ardent tourists. 

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It is always a bliss to travel responsibly with your pet and to destinations that welcome these fluffiest, joyful pet friends. Here are some of the most popular travel destinations in India that tourists prefer visiting along with their pets.

Best pet friendly travel hotspot in India


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Mumbai, with its pristine beaches and architectural marvels, has topped the tourists’ most visited and pet-friendly destination in India. Most of the cafes and restaurants have pet-friendly menus providing pet food. 

Pet adoption programs and pet party sessions are also organized by these cafes. These are a number of open spots that are accessible to pets and foster pet activities, like taking your dog for brisk play along the warm and scenic Juhu beach.

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The magnanimity of the pet park, ZOIC pets, ensures pet activities that also has adequate facilities to cater to pet with disabilities.


Kerala, with its quaint houseboats having facilities that welcome pets, providing ideal conditions for their well-being, is rated as the second most popular pet-friendly destination in India. 

The houseboats are suited to accommodate these furry creatures and often have dog-watching services that allow you to enjoy nature and have some alone time.


Apart from providing lodgings and homestays that allow pets and provide the proper bedding and food, Goa beaches are one of the most amazing ecstatic spots for your pets to run about in the open along these turquoise waters and soft sand with the mellow sun shining upon you.


The famous Auroville beach at Puducherry is an adventure ground for you and your pet giving endless scope for sunbathing, swimming, boat riding, and other water games. The ideal time to visit this beach is between October to March.


The most amazing aspect of visiting Ooty is staying with your pet free of cost. The richness of the deep valleys and the hilltops could be accompanied by your pet by your side.


Another city in India that does not charge extra for bringing your furry best friend and give wonderful amenities to the tourists. A brisk safari in the deserts, camping, and visiting beautiful forts and palaces are some of the activities that you could do with your pet at Jaisalmer.

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