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Indo-Canadian Rapper Morethanray’s Concludes His Debut EP With An Audacious Single Titled ‘Quit Playin’

The unabashedly honest, audacious and dark single titled Quit Playin brings the Wabi Sabi EP a full circle with a range of contemplative emotions

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Murtaza Ali Khan
Murtaza Ali Khan
An award-winning Film & TV critic and journalist.

INDIA: After gaining a fair share of encouraging reviews for his last single Lost, Morethanray is back with ‘Quit Playin’ (listen at: https://linktr.ee/morethanray) – the fourth and final instalment of his debut EP ‘Wabi Sabi‘. 

Morethanray’s moniker itself tells the story of the artist. Rahul Singh’s journey of creating music is based on a deep and very personal process that began with self-reflection which he articulated through writing-towards finding something more than ray.

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Quit Playin

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The Canadian-bred and now New Delhi-based Rap/Hip-Hop artist developed a strong connection to Rap/Hip-Hop at a very early age and was already writing rhymes as a teen, while growing up in Montreal. Mindful of the importance of “finding his niche”, and being “unapologetically authentic”, Rahul took his sweet time in releasing his music to the world after writing and recording it. 

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An out and out Hip-Hop record, Wabi Sabi – which was many years in the making- was written in response to what Morethanray was going through at the time. It’s a conscious attempt for the artist to tap into his conscience and articulate his experiences. There are some dark moments, some positive, there’s talk of love, heartache and moving on from pain with a fairly consistent underlying presence of self-belief and bravado throughout.

The unabashedly honest, audacious and dark single titled Quit Playin, brings the EP a full circle with a range of contemplative emotions captured in each of the tracks namely: Gone, Vibes, Lost and Quit Playin.

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Quit Playin is a lyrical exploration of “the very state of rebuilding oneself… when you feel like you’ve lost yourself or your place in the world. It speaks about being real, and uber confident despite what others may feel about you,” says Rahul Singh aka Morethanray, while talking about Quit Playin which is set to a backdrop of a dark and very visceral musical arrangement.

Like his previous releases the Ray’s latest offerings pack in witty wordplay and pop-culture references along with the rapper’s ongoing pursuit towards self-reflection and authenticity. His international sensibilities coupled with his fervent desire to stay true to his articulation of the genre — without being swayed by the ‘running formulas closer home or abroad — have surely placed him in the list of artists to watch out for.  


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