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Innovator and Pianist Maryam Raya Talks about Her Inspiring Musical Journey

Maryam Raya said that she is inseparable from the joy that playing the piano gives her

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Hrishita Chatterjee
Hrishita Chatterjee
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UNITED STATES. New York: Innovator and pianist Maryam Raya talked about her musical journey through her own experiences in an exclusive interview with TCT.

Raya shed light on ‘soul of a pianist’

In every endeavour, while counting your subtle moments along with the harmony of music, it is essential to develop a perfect sense of timing and style.

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It is always a wonderful and poignant experience to get swiftly carried away with the musical harmony that encapsulates the air, and more so with the musician’s deftness that makes that happen, to weave magic that pleases the audience’s ear and soul.

Being a concert pianist, Maryam Raya said that she is inseparable from the joy that playing the piano gives her. She is also a literature enthusiast, having earned a literature degree that aids her in spending her time reading or practising the piano.

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According to Raya, her observations and experiences take shape and get implemented in her playing. From a very young age, she had the opportunity to travel and perform internationally. She said, “Every day I study the compositions of many of the greatest minds in human history. It is never boring and always inspiring!”

She mentioned that recently she fulfilled her aspiration of going to business school, which was one of the accomplishments that she was looking forward to. She added, “At the end of the day, I’m obsessed with striving to make sense of the increasingly complex world we live in.”

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Raya mentioned that the piano has meant everything to her. The piano has been a “medium” for her like any other instrument. She said that “she can make the most obscure piece of art more palpable and reachable to people who otherwise might not have been cognizant of the art form”.

Her “extroverted approach to classical music” has made that possible. “I’m always humbled by the many people I’ve impacted simply by doing what I love most,” she said.

She concedes to the fact that the work-life balance “doesn’t exist” for her at present, as she has been working very hard to ensure a fulfilling future. Her passion would not be compromised.

She mentioned that she is inspired by a lot of people in her life, friends and colleagues who have been avid in their respective fields as well and are “equally passionate about their work in a dazzlingly diverse array of fields.” “I’m privileged to be surrounded by their many insights and experiences”, she added.

Raya believes that art and life imitate each other and are always open to interpretation. Her experiences have taught her to grow and to have a different perspective on life. Objectivity, according to Raya, aids in understanding the relevance of the moments and enables her to act “most efficiently”.

She highlighted, “Many of us seem to think and operate as if life finally “happens” after all those difficulties are overcome, but, in reality, life is always right now.”

In her address to the readers, she mentioned that creating opportunities is important in case we don’t find them in the first place. One decision can have a lot of positive changes.

She said, “I have often been surprised at how a few simple actions can create enough positive momentum to make things really happen! Stay open to new ideas, stay connected to the people around you, and most of all, always stay curious.”

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