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Intel Unveils New Arc Pro Graphic Cards for Professional Workstations, Promises Double Performance

According to Intel, the Arc Pro GPUs will receive quarterly driver updates

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Aditya Saikrishna
Aditya Saikrishna
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UNITED STATES: Intel has announced the addition of two powerful graphics cards, the Arc Pro-A60 and Arc Pro-A60M, to its product lineup. The new GPUs are specially designed for professional workstation users and offer a significant performance upgrade compared to their predecessors.

With 16 PCIe lanes, 384 Gbps of memory bandwidth, 16 ray tracing units, and 256 dedicated AI X Matrix Extensions, the Arc Pro graphics cards deliver double the performance compared to the existing Intel Arc A series. 

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These impressive specifications make the cards well-suited for various applications, including computer-aided design and modelling (CAD/CAM), AI inferencing tasks, and media processing.

Intel has emphasised that the Arc Pro GPUs will receive regular driver updates, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility with media and entertainment applications such as Blender.

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Additionally, they are fully compatible with the Intel OneAPI Rendering Toolkit, enabling the creation of high-performance, high-fidelity visual experiences.

The newly released graphics cards utilise the third Alchemist GPU, christened ‘ACM-G12.’ The desktop version boasts a clock speed of 2.4GHz, while the mobile version operates at 1.3GHz. 

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Both variants come equipped with 12GB of video memory (VRAM) and support up to four displays with Dolby Vision and high dynamic range (HDR) capabilities.

According to the company’s official blog post, the Arc Pro A60 for workstation desktops will be available from Intel-authorised distributors in the coming weeks, ensuring accessibility for professionals seeking enhanced performance.

As for the Arc Pro A60M, designed for mobile devices, tech experts expect it to become available through original equipment manufacturers (OEM) partners in the coming months, catering to the needs of professionals on the go.

While Intel has announced a three-year limited warranty for the desktop version of the Arc Pro cards, the company has yet to disclose the pricing details for the Arc A60 and Arc A60M.

This announcement leaves potential buyers eagerly awaiting further information on the affordability of these advanced graphics cards.

With the introduction of the Arc Pro-A60 and Arc Pro-A60M graphics cards, Intel is positioning itself as a competitive player in the professional workstation market, offering professionals a powerful tool for their creative and computational needs.

The improved performance, driver updates, and compatibility with industry-leading applications will revolutionise the user experience for graphics-intensive tasks.

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