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Intense Fighting Erupts in Ukraine’s Frontline as President Praises Troops’ Counteroffensive

The Vostok group of Russian forces claims that Ukraine failed in its attempt to capture the village

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UKRAINE: Russia has reported intense fighting along three fronts in Ukraine, while Ukrainian President praises troops for successfully repelling enemy advances and states that their counteroffensive is progressing well.

These assessments come after discussions between an African peace delegation and Russian President Putin concluded, with both Moscow and Kyiv showing little enthusiasm for the mission.

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The United Nations has accused Russia of neglecting to assist Russian-controlled Ukraine following a dam breach that caused thousands to lose their homes. Russian officials claim that Ukraine has retaken Piatykhatky and is fortifying itself despite being under fire from Russian artillery. They assert that the enemy’s relentless offensives have produced results despite significant losses.

The Russian defense ministry has reported that its soldiers have successfully resisted Ukrainian advances in three frontline areas, although there is no mention of Piatykhatky. 

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The Vostok group of Russian forces claims that Ukraine failed in its attempt to capture the village.

Ukraine, on the other hand, asserts that it has retaken the villages of Lobkove and Donetsk. President Volodymyr Zelenskiy commended the effectiveness of Ukrainian troops in repelling attacks near Avdiivka, stating that the anticipated counteroffensive is progressing well.

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To enhance operational security, Ukrainian officials have imposed an information blackout while claiming that Russia has suffered greater losses in their recent attack.

As part of Kyiv’s campaign to sever Russian supply lines, Ukrainian forces have destroyed a Russian ammunition storage facility in the Kherson region. According to British defense intelligence reports, fighting is concentrated in Zaporizhzhia, western Donetsk, and in close proximity to Bakhmut, which was captured by Russian mercenaries last month following an extended struggle.

Putin has ridiculed the Ukrainian offensive and asserted that Kyiv’s forces stand no chance despite being equipped with Western tanks. South Africa’s Cyril Ramaphosa presented Putin with a 10-point peace proposal from seven African nations, urging Russia and Ukraine to engage in peace talks to end the conflict, 16 months into the fighting.

Accusing Ukraine and the West of long-standing controversies, Putin claimed that Kyiv is the party refusing dialogue and expressed gratitude to Ramaphosa for his “noble mission.” Zelenskiy contends that the St. Petersburg negotiations have demonstrated the feasibility of Ukraine’s peace proposal, including the evacuation of Russian soldiers. He warned the African delegation in Kyiv that direct meetings with both leaders would only serve to “freeze the war.”

During an economic forum, Putin belittled Zelenskiy and reiterated Ukraine’s objectives of “demilitarizing” and “denazifying,” which Kyiv and the West have rejected as excuses for invasion.

Ramaphosa praised the mission’s impact in halting the war and promised to continue listening to African perspectives. Millions have been displaced, and both sides have suffered losses. On June 6, both parties accused each other of destroying the Kakhovka power dam, leading to flooding in parts of the conflict area. Russia still maintains control over certain areas in Kherson.

Denise Brown, the U.N. humanitarian coordinator, has urged the Russian government to uphold international humanitarian law and provide access for assistance to Russian-controlled territories.

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