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10 Unknown and Interesting Facts about India

India is home to multiple traditions and diversity

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Hrishita Chatterjee
Hrishita Chatterjee
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INDIA: The vibrancy and diversity of India cannot be illustrated in mere words. The country’s culture is made up of various ethnic and religious groups, from the turquoise waters of the beaches in Kerala to the rugged mountaintops of the Himalayas. 

This vast expanse of land is home to various plants and animals, flora and fauna, with each state having its own definite culture and beauty. Here are some interesting and peculiar facts about India that will leave you wondering and awestruck.  

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1. Guess in which country the word “shampoo” originated

The English word “shampoo” was derived from the Hindi-Urdu word “champo”. During earlier times, people did not have the luxury of applying shampoo directly from fancy bottles like we do today. 

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Instead, they used herbs and extracts from plants. Boiled Sapindus, also called soap berries, and dried gooseberry added to other herbs, were used to make the most effective shampoo.

2. Most number of Post Offices in the world!

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There are 154,965 post offices in India that have been running for approximately 150 years, making it the lengthiest and widest network system in the world.

3. A Temple of Rats

Karni Mata temple, also called the temple of rats, is situated in the town of Deshnoke in the state of Rajasthan and has become one of the most popular tourist sites.

4. 26 Official Holidays

On the national front, India celebrates 26 holidays, including religious holidays and some honouring the country.

5. A festival that is visible from space

Held once every 12 years, Kumbh mela is a national festival where pilgrims come in groups along the banks of the four holy rivers in the states of Allahabad, Haridwar, Nashik and Ujjain. 

Pilgrims take dips in these holy waters that, according to the sacred texts, would “wash away their sins.” This is a huge festival with a lot of people involved. The grandness of this festival, including 100 million participants, makes the festival visible from space.

6. Six seasons on the Hindu calendar

The Hindu calendar has six seasons. Spring is called Vasant ritu, Summer is called Grishma ritu, Monsoon is called Varsha ritu, Autumn is called Sharad ritu, Pre-winter is called Hemanta ritu and Winter is called Shishira ritu.

7. Tea is the national beverage of India

People prefer tea at the most unnatural times of the day. Such is the craze for the beverage available in common Indian households throughout the year. 

The tea plantations in parts of the country produce and export around 30% of the world’s tea. India is the second largest tea producer in the world even though most of the tea is consumed within the country.

8. Land of the diamond

During the earlier times, India was the only place where diamond reserves were found until the 1720s when Brazil discovered reserves of the precious gem. A smaller part of the industrial mines contributes to the diamond industry worldwide.

9. Birth of Yoga

The word ‘Yoga’ was originally referenced in the Rig Veda, the oldest sacred Hindu texts. This disciple that has aided people worldwide who have attained spiritual and physical fulfilment originated in India.

The origins of this disciple were primarily spiritual and meditative. However, in the present times, it is considered to be denser with physical exercises.

10. ABCs Popular entertainment 

India is unique for its popular entertainment in Astrology, Bollywood and Cricket (ABC). Some people are very keen on pursuing astrology as a discipline.

Bollywood industry has got its influence even in Hollywood, with its upbeat dances and hilarious drama sequences. The most popular sport in the nation is cricket, and rightfully so, fans become too patriotic during World Cups

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