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Iranian Prosecutors Hide Rape by Revolutionary Guards

The IRGC members are accused of sexually assaulting two women, ages 18 and 23, in a van in Tehran

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Hrishita Chatterjee
Hrishita Chatterjee
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IRAN: According to an internal court document, two women were raped by Revolutionary Guards in an attack that state prosecutors covered.

Iran International could have gotten the document from a hacktivist group called Edalat-e-Ali (Ali’s Justice), which documented a case of two IRGC officers sexually assaulting two women ages 18 and 23 in a van while protests were going on in Tehran in September over the brutal death of Mahsa Amini.

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The two women were held in custody for acting suspiciously, and their phones were checked thoroughly for evidence. According to activists, a few of the women arrested were also sexually abused by security officials.

The internal judicial document is the first document that has shown details.

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Minute details involved two men admitting to having had intercourse that the document specified was rape. IRGC officers took them to the Revolutionary Guard headquarters, but they could not admit the accused women.

The document says: “Considering the problematic nature of the case and the possibility of the leaking of this information into social media and its misrepresentation by enemy groups, it is recommended that the necessary order [is] issued for it to be filed top secret. Since no complaint has been registered and the defendants have been dismissed, the accused should be dismissed without mentioning their names.”

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The deputy prosecutor and the head of the General and Revolutionary Prosecutor’s Office of Tehran had written the document that was addressed to Ali Saheli, the Tehran General and Revolutionary Prosecutor.

The document, dated October 13, 2022, contained a report on a number of witness statements that specified the names of women who were assaulted by two male security officials, whose names were also mentioned.

The prosecutors started delving into the case when one IRGC officer, who initially denied the charges because the two women consented to sex, called one of the victims right after the assault. She recorded everything that he said prior to filing a complaint.

The officer and his father have been detained at their houses in Tehran, where a lot of ammunition, bulletproof jackets, etc., were discovered. The second officer was arrested and moved to a police intelligence unit prison.

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