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Congress Chief Mallikarjun Kharge Slammed for Wearing LV scarf in the Parliament House

As soon as the cost of Kharge's LV scarf became public, internet users immediately started a meme uproar on social media

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INDIA: According to a recent update, Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge has sparked outrage by flaunting his branded Louis Vuitton scarf in Parliament House. In the House, Kharge was seen digging at the Modi government as he sought a probe into the Adani scam. 

Speaking about Kharge’s expensive scarf, the BJP’s Piyush Goyal very wisely made a statement that the JPC probe can’t take place in individual cases. Further, he counterattacked Kharge and said, “Kharge ji is wearing a Louis Vuitton scarf today. ( Kharge is wearing a Louis Vuitton scarf today) Should we set up a joint committee to look into this as well? Where did he get the scarf, who gave it to him, and how much did it cost?”

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Kharge was photographed wearing a Louis Vuitton scarf during today’s Parliament session, and according to the brand’s website, it is valued at approximately Rs. 56,332. Whereas, according to many tweets by internet users, the scarf is priced at $475 (around Rs 39,000) on Louis Vuitton’s website.

However, this is not the first time in the House that carrying a luxury branded item became a point of discussion because last year, TMC’s MP Mahua Moitra’s Louis Vuitton bag also triggered controversy. Moitra, on the other hand, has called herself a “Jholewala fakir” in Parliament since 2019. “Jhola leke aye the. Jhola leke chal padenge,” she had said. Senior Congress leader Kharge is targeted this time as he claims he is a ‘Bhoomi Putra’.

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BJP national spokesperson Shehzad Poonawalla said, “There is no problem if they wear a Louis Vuitton scarf or a Burberry t-shirt and speak about poverty. It is their mentality.” 

He synchronised Karge’s current status of living with ex-President Rahul Gandhi’s love for luxury brands. Besides this, filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri, who is known for taking bold actions through his posts, wrote on his Twitter handle, “If Congress President Kharge is wearing a Louis Vuitton scarf so close to his heart, should we assume Congress has interests in LV? Crony Capitalism? Baat niklegi to door talak jaayegi…(If the matter gets disclosed it would be stretched furthermore).”

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