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Iraq-Iran Strengthen Border Security, Signs Deal in front of Iraqi PM

Last year, Iraq announced that it would employ federal guards on the border area

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Hrishita Chatterjee
Hrishita Chatterjee
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IRAQ/IRAN: A border security assignment has been signed by Iraq and Iran as the Iraqi officials claim that this could strengthen the frontiers with the Kurdish region. A vulnerable space as the Khurdish armed forces pose a threat as per Tehran and “can completely and fundamentally end the vicious actions of these groups.”

In November, Iraq announced that it would employ federal guards on the border areas between Kurdish Iraq and Iran.

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The half-autonomous Khurdish spots have camps and bases that are taken care of by a lot of Iranian Khurdish groups that have ignited alliances with western or Israeli countries before.

The deal was signed by the Supreme National Security Council Secretary, Ali Shamkhani, with the National Security Advisor of Iraq, Qasim al-Araji, in front of Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed al-Sudani.

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Shamkhani criticised the “vicious activities by counter-revolutionary elements” in the north of Iraq in light of the Khurdish groups occupying the country.

Amir-Abdollahian, the Iranian Foreign Minister from Tehran, said, “Shamkhani’s current trip to Iraq has been planned for four months and is focused on issues related to the armed groups in northern Iraq.”

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The Iraqi Prime Minister’s Office gave out a statement that said that this agreement is necessary for “protecting the common borders between the two countries and consolidating cooperation in several security fields.”

An Iraqi security official who was present at the signing stated, “As part of the security agreement, Iraq guarantees that no armed groups will be able to breach the border with Iran through its territory in the Iraqi Kurdish region.”

Iran’s intelligence had claimed that the previous year, a sabotage team was blamed and detained by the security forces, which were Khurdish women who had alliances with Israel and had initiated to establish a defense industry center in Isfahan.

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