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Israel Strikes Gaza Immediately after Gaza Militants Fire Two Rockets

The Palestinian Authority proclaimed that it would no longer coordinate security with Israel

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Hrishita Chatterjee
Hrishita Chatterjee
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ISRAEL: Two rockets were launched by the Palestinian armed groups from the Gaza Strip toward southern Israel on Friday. The missile defences shot down the rockets, and Israel started to launch attacks in Gaza.

The cross-border shooting preceded the Israeli invasion in the occupied West Bank that led to the highest single death toll in years on Thursday. 

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Residents were warned to take shelter as the overnight rockets and sirens triggered Israeli communities near the Gaza border. However, no injuries were reported. 

Chaos erupted as the Israeli police assailed the vulnerable town of Jenin and killed seven gunmen and two civilians. 

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Acute reactions were threatened by Hamas and the extremist organisation Islamic Jihad, but there was no claim for immediate rocket fire. 

The Palestinian Authority proclaimed that it would no longer coordinate security with Israel. 

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This rapport between Palestine and Israel was built to only ensure peace in the West Bank and top attacks from Israel. The partnership has, however, been put on hold. 

PM Benjamin Netanyahu claimed that Israel was not planning to escalate the situation despite ordering security forces to be on alert. 

US, UN, and Arab officials have spoken with the Israel and Palestinian factions in an effort to prevent any kind of conflict in Jenin, which has time and again augmented Israeli operations to intensify their operations. 

There has been a surge in the number of Palestinian attacks on Israeli streets last year in the months of March and April.

Palestinian support for Hamas and Islamic jihad refusing to co-exist with Israel was assisted by the attendant diplomatic impasse. Netanyahu’s new radical-right government includes MPs who are hostile to Palestinian independence.

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