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Haiti Police Break into Airports, Blocks Streets after Armed Gang Kills 14 Officers

Police also broke into Haiti's main airport to protest against the ruthless killing of 14 officers

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Hrishita Chatterjee
Hrishita Chatterjee
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HAITI: Roads surrounding the capital city were blocked by more than 100 Haitian police officers creating a situation of utter chaos and unrest, burning tyres, and breaking security cameras on Thursday in Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince. 

Haitian police protest

The police also broke into the country’s main airport to protest against the ruthless killing of 14 officers by crime gangs expanding their numbers in the Caribbean nation. 

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The police, clad in civilian clothes, attacked Prime Minister Ariel Henry’s house and then occupied the airport where Henry was arriving from a trip to Argentina. A lot of schools and businesses were closed on Thursday. 

A group of US government officials were visiting the country at that time. Due to the terse situation, important meetings were postponed, and Washington’s personnel were accounted for, as reported by a US State department spokesperson.

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According to the Haitian human rights group RNDDH, 78 police officers were killed after Henry took office in July 2021. The police held Prime minister and Frantz Elbe, Head of the National Police, responsible for the loss of 78 lives, averaging to 5 every month. 

The Bahamas’ Foreign Minister said that Henry had instructed all Bahamians and the diplomatic personnel to leave Haiti soon. 

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According to Haiti’s National Police and local media reports. Four police officers were killed by the Vitelhomme gang, and seven were killed on Wednesday by the Savien gang in the town of Liancourt. 

Condolences were shared by the US Assistant Secretary of State, Brian Nichols, to the families of these policemen and said new measures would be taken with the help of international partners to ensure “security and stability” to factions of the country’s Police and civilians. 

A foreign strike force that was originally created three months ago with no lead at that time would soon be sent by the United Nations to combat the criminal groups. UN envoy to Haiti, Helen La Lime, said,” We will not win the fight without significant levels of additional support.”

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