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Thursday, September 21, 2023

Israeli Minister Cites Protests May Impact the Push for Judicial Reform

Israeli Prime Minister assured US President that the bill will pass as expected

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ISRAEL: A cabinet official suggests the Israeli government may reconsider its court restructuring if demonstrations increase. Washington is tightening its alliance with Israel as the Palestinian and Lebanese fronts escalate.

Protests, including Air Force reservists refusing duty, could compromise Israel’s security. A contentious amendment restricting the Supreme Court’s authority is scheduled for ratification next Sunday and Monday.

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu assured US President Joe Biden that the measure would pass as expected and sought “broad consensus” for additional revisions, according to Israeli National Security Adviser Tzachi Hanegbi.

Israel’s minister of culture, Miki Zohar, acknowledged the impact of protests, which grew in March after Netanyahu dismissed the defence minister for expressing concern about military implications.

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Netanyahu’s concessions regarding Yoav Gallant’s removal have put legislation on hold. The bill restricting the Supreme Court’s ability to overturn government decisions was revived after he deemed it futile. Zohar warns of a breaking point if protests surpass “Gallant night,” but the possibility remains uncertain.

Supporters of Netanyahu’s religious-nationalist alliance argue that the Supreme Court’s involvement in politics is too much, and the change will enable an effective government.

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The Supreme Court has a crucial role in defending civil rights and liberties, according to opponents of the proposal. Additionally, Netanyahu is facing a corruption trial, which he refutes.

According to the organisers, the protests over Gallant’s firing mobilised up to hundreds of thousands of people. With the arrival of a hot summer, the protests have become more dispersed and have included traffic jams on the highway and altercations with the police at Ben Gurion Airport and rail terminals.

The organisers think that the growing participation of reservists might completely alter the situation. For some combat tasks, the conscript military relies on reserves, and they are required to routinely train.

Reservists have declared their intention to join the movement by signing an end-of-service declaration in front of the Defence Ministry in Tel Aviv.

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