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Italy Faces Fresh Drought Warning as Venice Canals Run Dry

A full moon, high pressure, a high pressure system, and sea currents are being held responsible for the issues in Venice

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Sadaf Hasan
Sadaf Hasan
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ITALY: After last summer’s emergency, scientists and environmental organisations are concerned that Italy may endure another drought as the nation is going through weeks of dry winter weather, with the Alps only receiving less than half of their usual snowfall.

The warning comes from Venice, where flooding is typically the main worry. These experiences with shallow tides make it hard for gondolas, water taxis, and ambulances to navigate some of its iconic canals.

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A full moon, high pressure, a high-pressure system, and sea currents are all being held responsible for the issues in Venice.

On Monday, the environmental group Legambiente said that Italy’s rivers and lakes have very little water, with the country’s north getting special attention.

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The statement continued that the Po, Italy’s longest river that flows from the northwest Alps to the Adriatic has 61% less water than usual at this time of year.

Italy declared a state of emergency in the Po region last July, where the greatest drought in 70 years occurred, and almost one-third of the nation’s agricultural output is produced.

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Climate expert Massimiliano Pasqui from the Italian scientific research agency CNR was quoted in the newspaper Corriere della Sera as saying, “We are in a water deficit situation that has been getting worse since the winter of 2020–2021.”

In the northwestern regions, “we need to recover 500 millimetres; we need 50 days of rain,” he added. Northern Italy’s Lake Garda has experienced record-low water levels, making it feasible to walk along an exposed pathway to the little island of San Biagio on the lake.

For the past 15 days, an anticyclone has ruled the weather in western Europe, bringing mild temperatures more like those in late spring.

According to the latest weather forecasts, the Alps will still get some much-needed rain and snow in the next few days.

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