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Jayson Tatum Leads the Celtics to Victory in Game 4

JaysonTatum disrupted the Celtics' 3-0 hole in the Eastern Conference Finals

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UNITED STATES: Jayson Tatum showed his megastar status by scoring 25 of his 33 points in the second half of the Boston Celtics’ 116-99 victory over the Miami Heat. This was a timely reminder of his megastar status, as the Celtics had to deal with doubts about their attitude, mental toughness, and resolve.

JaysonTatum disrupted the Celtics’ 3-0 hole in the Eastern Conference Finals by igniting an 18-0 run in the third quarter. His 8 of the 18 points were from consecutive triples, keeping the hopes of Banner No. 18 alive during the Tatum Takeover.

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Tatum was at his most effective when he provided examples and let his play speak for itself. He is a quiet, relaxed leader but not as charismatic as Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan or Larry Bird. He is also not as ringless as Carmelo.

Marcus Smart praised Jayson Tatum for setting the tone during a timeout in the second half. He said he was able to block, support, collect rebounds, and make the correct decisions. Everyone follows the example set by someone like Jayson and Jaylen Brown when they are setting the example.

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Jayson Tatum led Boston to a 38–23 victory over the Heat in the third quarter, shooting 60.9 per cent from the field and outscoring Miami by 14–9. He also contributed to nine of Boston’s 14 baskets.

The 3-point line is where the Celtics get their energy, and Jayson Tatum was one of five Celtics who made at least three three-pointers (4 of 9 from three).

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The Celtics are well-connected and committed on defence, but their dialled-in defence reappeared after they improved their offensive accuracy. When they make 18 or more threes, they are 30-6 and 37-2 when they shoot at least 40%. Tatum and Brown had a combined 7 for 40 from beyond the arc entering Game 4, and Tatum passed Paul Pierce for the most threes made by a Celtic in postseason history.

Jayson Tatum admitted that he lost control of the ball at the beginning of the third quarter, but as soon as he noticed a couple enter, he was free to play. He has been successful in crucial postseason matchups, scoring a record-breaking 51 points in the second round and 46 points in the Game 6 against Milwaukee last year.

Jayson Tatum scored 33 points, 11 rebounds, 7 assists, 2 blocks, and a steal in his third 30-point game in the series. His stat line was in line with the impact he had on the game, which was essential for the Celtics.

Joe Mazzulla called a timeout to stop the Heat’s nine-point lead. JT made a 19-foot fadeaway field goal to spark a 12-0 run that culminated in a signature Tatum step-back three and Smart triple, giving the Celtics a lead of 100-83. Tatum scored 11 points in the fourth quarter by making 5 of 7. Real MVP contenders respond to their team’s emergency signal and save the day.

The Celtics came into Game 4 with bluster, but the cave collapsed due to their actions. Tatum declared, “We didn’t merit to win, but we didn’t want that, or the season, to define us. The road ahead is still paved with steep inclines, so keep this energy going into Thursday.”

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